crusty no-knead dutch oven bread

I absolutely love baking bread now that I’ve gotten into a good rhythm of it.  Weekly I bake up 3 loaves of soft wheat sandwich bread, and throughout the week I’ve been making this crazy simple no-knead crusty bread I’m sharing with you today.  All it takes is some forethought the morning of, or the […]

homemade crockpot yogurt

Over the weekend I attempted some new and quite amazing…. Making yogurt in the crockpot!  I’ve never made yogurt before so I was a bit nervous.  Not wanting to waste half a gallon of milk was my main concern. Not that I would cry over spilled milk… You see, the reason I set out to […]

first annual Libby family canning weekend

Saturday morning we set out on a little road trip.  Destination = Seattle. Plan for the long weekend?  Canning! So. Much. Produce. I’ve been very much into canning this year.  Remember my blackberry jam post?  Yeah, I was super excited for the weekend. I wasn’t the only one.  My nephew Caden picked apples for the […]

low sugar blackberry jam {canned}

Hello!  How have you been?  It’s been a rough 4-5 days here pregnancy wise… like the second trimester brought on morning sickness and massive headaches.  Oye.  No fun.  Finally this morning I woke up feeling much better and more like myself.  Although there have been some not so fun days, I’ve still been keeping myself […]