Hunter: 21 months

I debated on doing a combined 21/22 month update for Hunter since he’s just 2 days away from being 22 months… but I’m sure there will be all new things and pictures to share in the next couple weeks, so just 21 months is it!


Such a cool dude… with his first haircut too!

Hunter became a big brother at the end of last month. I totally anticipated more fits or tantrums with the change, but for the most part he’s been totally the same. He does have times he wants me to put baby sister in bed to hold him, but I think that’s just because he’s held less often now.


He absolutely loves his baby sister. One of my favorite times is first thing in the morning when I get him out of bed. If Zoe is awake I take her down and they lay together on the ground while I change him out of his diaper. He loves holding her hand and giving her lots of hugs and kisses.


Another thing I’m thankful for is that he didn’t revert back with his potty training. He only randomly has accidents. Most often what happens is he has just a dime size pee spot in his underwear when he tells us he has to pee. He loves pooping in the toilet and calls them ‘toots or deuces’. :) He’s still using a diaper during his naps and over night.

He can now climb up and down the toilet, which is so nice!


His vocabulary amazes me more and more every day. I think he’s up to 5-6 word sentences now. He picks up new phrases instantly and comprehends things so well. I love when he tells me about his day and all the fun things he did.  We’ve started having him say ‘may I please be excused’ when he’s done eating.  It took about 1 day and now he can say the whole phrase.  The sponge of learning continues!


Recently he’s been getting more daring with jumping off things. It started with the bottom step of the stairs and now he jumps off whatever he can. Thankfully he wants to hold a hand if it’s pretty high.


He can now walk down the stairs by himself! I still walk down next to him in case he falls, but he can manage holding onto the wall walking down. He even goes down the two steps outside our house without holding into anything. It’s so nice not having to worry as much when we’re outside about him going up and down stairs.


His hitting still continues. He seems to hit for so many reasons (happy, sad, mad) and then for no reason at all. Something we’re constantly working on.


He’s been popping teeth and molars through like crazy lately. I was up with him for a couple hours one night because of tooth pain, I’m assuming. Thankfully the next night he slept just fine. It makes me sad when he’s in so much pain that it wakes him and he’s just crying a ton.


His favorite place to be is outside. He loves exploring and getting dirty. These rainy days are tough because he just wants to be outside. Summer will be fun when we have more sunny days and less rain. This week is predicted to rain all day, but thankfully we’ve found 15 minute stretches to play in the gravel and dirt in the front yard.


This little boy continues to be a blessing and is just so much fun to be around.  I can’t wait to see what next month brings!


Was there a certain age that your kid got more daring?



day in the life: alone with two kids

Yesterday it was just me and the kiddos. It had been a glorious 2.5 weeks having Jacob home, but sadly he had to go back to work. Both Jacob and Hunter were sick over the weekend, so going into Monday I wasn’t sure how it the day would go. If Hunter was sick and miserable it would be challenging cuddling him all day along with Zoe. Thankfully he was on the mend. :)

I forced myself out of bed around 7:15am to shower (necessary since it was skipped the day before), knowing Hunter would be waking around 8am. Zoe had just been nursed back to sleep (my favorite way – side laying on the bed) and was swaddled up on my bed. Once I was in the shower it was tough to get out, the warm water was so nice! Instead if crawling back into bed for a few minutes I went upstairs and drank coffee + cooked up some custard oats for Hunter and I.

At 8am I could hear Hunter happily talking to himself. Got him up, we read a book, he went potty and we started on breakfast. Zoe’s awoke so I brought her up. She nursed while we ate, then they both chill at the table while I prep dinner in the crockpot. I loved how they were both happy hanging out at the table for 10ish minutes.


Very slowly I got everyone ready to leave the house. Everything is much slower holding a baby in your arms. Zoe wore one of her dresses I made her. See how happy she was about it! :)


I had these grand plans to run about three errands AND go for a walk, all before lunch. I went to Fred Meyers to make a return and pick up coffee, avocados, bananas and chocolate chips (the important stuff).  I had to carry Zoe since she was crying the whole time in her car seat, then it started sprinkling so we went home and skipped the walk. Plan fail. It all worked out though since Zoe needed to nurse again and it’s easier at home than making Hunter sit for 30 minutes in his car seat.


Zoe nursed and drifted in and out of asleep. I prepped a quick lunch for Hunter and I. We were at the table by 12:15pm chowing on some BBQ chicken, cheddar and romaine sandwiches on this bread along with grape tomatoes. We ate, I cleaned up a bit while Hunter played, then we read and played together for a bit before he went down for his nap at 1pm. Zoe was sleeping during all of this. So thankful!


Shortly after Hunter went down she stirred a bit so I changed her diaper, nursed her again and put her in the bassinet since she normally takes a good long nap during that time (2-3 hours).

I should have napped, but instead I drank some coffee and sewed a bit. I finished up some bow ties for a friend and made 2 diaper pail liners for my new big wicker basket I picked up at Goodwill.


Jacob came home from work and grabbed Hunter from his bed who has happy and awake after a short nap. He snacked on his leftover oatmeal from breakfast + raisins, then they played. At 3:45pm I was going to rest for a bit, then Zoe woke a bit earlier than she normally does. Of course!  As I was nursing her trying to keep my eyes open I regretted not napping earlier. Lesson learned.

We ate dinner around 5pm – super tasty refried bean soup – then went for a 30 minute family walk.


Back home Zoe nursed then got some daddy time while I gave Hunter a bath and put him to bed. A special treat for me since Jacob normally does that now.

Once Hunter was down for the night (7:30pm) Jacob and I watched some TV while hanging with our little girl, who pretty much nursed all evening. Jacob went to bed at 9pm (he wakes super early for work) and I got her down just after 12:30am.  I was ready to collapse into bed by that time and ended up having her sleep on me since she just wouldn’t stay asleep in the bassinet.

Things that were easier than expected

Zoe slept at all the right times so getting Hunter fed, taking him to the bathroom and getting him down for a nap was actually pretty easy.

Hunter plays independently really well so when I’d be nursing Zoe on the couch, he would play with toys on the ground near us, or hang out with a book on the couch too. I didn’t have to entertain one while feeding the other!

The biggest challenges

Getting out of the house. While Zoe really doesn’t take too much time to get ready, having only 1 hand free to get myself and Hunter ready to go really slows everything down!

It was a pretty great first day alone with my two kiddos!  Not that I expected it to be bad. :)

If you have the opportunity to nap, do you take it?  Or do you fill your time with other projects?   I’m terrible at napping (I always want to utilize my free time), but did take a much needed nap today and feel much better!


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then there were four

Thank you all for your warm congrats on Zoe’s arrival!


We’ve been home since Thursday afternoon and are settling in nicely. Hunter had an initial ‘meet baby sister’ at the hospital that had a few more tears than I anticipated. At home though, things have been wonderful! He absolutely loves his baby sister. He gives her the sweetest and gentlest hugs and kisses. And he always wants to give them to her, one kiss is just not enough. He’s been our little helper grabbing diapers and blankets for her. So far we haven’t had any out of the ordinary behavior for him. Feeling quite blessed!


Jacob – oh I love this man.  He’s stepped up and keeps the house way more picked up than I ever do. He’s been doing laundry, dishes and cooking, but best of all, he’s been an amazing dad. Hunter and Jacob have had a lot more time together. They ran a couple errands on Friday and have gotten lots of play time in. Jacob with Zoe though… the sweetest thing ever. She melt into a calm sleep in his arms. He even took a night shift and partied with her while I caught up on some much needed zzz’s.


God knew what we needed and gave us such a calm baby. She sleeps a lot, although likes to be awake more at night time. When she’s awake she likes to look around at what’s going on. We have yet to have any ‘why won’t she stop crying’ moments.  Usually she just cries if she’s hungry or is getting her diaper changed.  She is just 3 days old though, so things could change. :)


Me – I’m feeling pretty great. An easier labor and delivery definitely left my body feeling better. Also the fact that she’s a better sleeper than Hunter was helps me feel more normal. I’ve settled into a nice non-routine and love-love-love it. All four of us spent the afternoon napping today. I have yet to shower and am a-okay with it. All I want to do is soak in this sweet new girl and relax with my two boys. I just can’t imagine our family any other way right now and feel incredibly blessed for what I have.


This morning when I finished feeding Zoe Hunter woke up as well. I went into his room (he was a little sad) picked him up with one arm and took him over to the rocking chair. I had Hunter on my right side, face cuddled in my shoulder, Zoe cradled into my left arm half asleep. We rocked back and forth for a while and I thought to myself, it just can’t get any better than this. It was the perfect moment and I didn’t want to let it go. I just want more of those.