I choose love

Parenting is hard in so many ways. The sleepless nights that last longer than you wish they would, dealing with a screaming toddler at the grocery store, throwing of foods, hitting phases (it’s a phase, right?), poop getting everywhere, the unexplainable laundry piles that appear basically right when your child is born, judgement from other parents and the general feeling of not knowing what you’re doing half the time. There are a lot of things that are hard, but I think one of the hardest, and most important, is raising a good kid. A kid that has (some what) good manners, seeks God, is happy, confident, smart, kind and most of all loves them self.


Kids are so impressionable. Hunter is at that stage where he repeats everything, so you better watch what you say and do. He also takes in our feelings and can totally sense when something is off. I feel like both my mood and Jacob’s is reflected in him.


Zoe is still super young, but I find it even more important for me to be a good role model to her. She’ll be looking up to me to see how she should treat others, deal with stressful situations and how she should think about herself. I want so badly to instill a sense of self love for herself. That she thinks about herself in a positive way, that she believes in herself and has confidence. That she looks at herself in the mirror and instead of looking for flaws, she sees her beauty on the inside and outside.


But that all starts with me. So I’m going to choose love. I choose to love myself in my strengths and weakness. I choose to love myself when I’m stressed out and feeling like everything is going wrong. I choose to love myself when I’m tired and my pants don’t fit and on the inside I’m bummed about it. And I choose to thank God for all of it, because he had blessed me and given me the strength to make that choice. The choice for love.

Who was your role model growing up?



Hunter: 2 years

These are a few of my favorite things.


Cuddly hugs when Hunter wakes in the morning. Needing a mommy kiss to make an owie better. The way he says diaper (dowper). The way he’ll mimic our awesome English accents. How he loves his baby sister. The kisses and hugs he gives her are the cutest. His sweetness. Although he likes to take, he loves to share and does it in such a kind way. He’ll randomly ask for a cookie out of nowhere.


How he fixes things with his tools and proudly says “screw this daddy” – of course referring to his screw driver. His cute belly. How he imitates me when I’m pumping by grabbing a funnel and pulling up his shirt. Wanting to do things by himself, even when he struggles with it.  Watching him read books.


How he blows bubbles into water. Being fearless but cautionary at the same time. Swimming in the bathtub. How he brushes his 10 pearly whites, and then wants to suck all the water off his tooth brush. How all he truly needs during a tantrum is a change of scenery and love. Lots of love.  The joy he gets from jumping, falling down on purpose and telling us he’s instantly okay, just to do it all over again.


Letting me sing my favorite bedtime childhood song to him while rubbing his back before bed. How he sings and knows the sound of music ‘doe a deer’ song. The way he punches the air when we’re practicing combat. How he prays at dinner. How he is always thankful for all the people in his life during his bedtime prayers.


The obsession with having his nails trimmed. The joy he gets from his big boy bed.  The uncontrollable laughs he gets, the snuggly times on the couch together and tearful times too.


All my favorites. I just want to bottle them up and never let them go. These two years have been the best and I know they’ll get even better and better, although it’s hard to imagine.  My mommy heart is so full.

I love you Hunter, happy (very) belated birthday!



big boy bed transition


Hunter just turned 2 years old in May and I had been going back and forth about the transition from crib to bed. At first I wanted him to be set and staying well in his bed before Zoe and him began sharing a room (which they are not yet doing). Then I thought it would be better if he was still in his crib so that his sister wouldn’t be disturbed as much by him. Knowing that he can climb out and has once in the past was what got my mind going. I settled on waiting. He slept well for the most part. We’d been having some nap wars, but bedtime was still good.

Then we went on vacation and we decided to give him the option of a big boy bed or the pack n play, which he’s slept in many times before. Of course, he chose the big boy bed. Something new and exciting!! We talked with him about how he had to stay in his bed until mommy or daddy gets him after he wakes. He did surprising well, only getting out of bed twice. The first time was in the morning – he was sitting on the ground with a pillow reading a book. Pretty cute.

The second was this.


It cracks me up every time!

When I got him after that nap I asked him where he slept and he told me in his bed. Little does he know I have proof of what really went on. :)

When we got home he was not excited about being in his crib and began climbing out, so we took the side of the crib off and turned it into a day bed.


Bedtime has been great. Every time Jacob or I put him down to bed we remind him that he needs to stay in bed until mommy or daddy gets him. He goes down with not much fuss and is still in his bed in the morning.

Nap time is another story. He does not stay in his bed, even with the same bedtime talk. He jumps on his bed, jumps off his bed, finds toys, finds books, poops in his diaper (so I have to change it), wanders around his room, knocks on the door… everything except staying in his bed and napping. He eventually falls asleep, but it takes a good hour to two hours sometimes. He fell asleep on the ground twice and another time came out of his room (I had left the door slightly ajar after checking on him) after waking.

He napped at my mom’s house earlier this week and stayed in bed, although he only took about a 45 minute nap. Since these nap wars began I am happy with any sort of nap so I’ll gladly take a 45 minute nap over none.

It’s just so strange that he does great at bedtime, but the opposite at naps. He’s only been in his big boy bed at home for 4 days now, so I’ll just wait and see what happens over the next few weeks. Maybe the newness will wear off and he’ll oblige his mother?  All in all I am pretty happy that we haven’t had any screaming fits or major issues. He really likes his bed and I like that he was a smooth transition. Naps excluded. :)

Is this normal transition nap resistance? Any nap time advice? When did your kiddo make the switch from crib to bed?