Hunter: 21 months

I debated on doing a combined 21/22 month update for Hunter since he’s just 2 days away from being 22 months… but I’m sure there will be all new things and pictures to share in the next couple weeks, so just 21 months is it! Such a cool dude… with his first haircut too! Hunter […]

then there were four

Thank you all for your warm congrats on Zoe’s arrival! We’ve been home since Thursday afternoon and are settling in nicely. Hunter had an initial ‘meet baby sister’ at the hospital that had a few more tears than I anticipated. At home though, things have been wonderful! He absolutely loves his baby sister. He gives […]

one week into potty training

Tuesday October 29th, one week ago, marked our official start of potty training day.  I got as many classes covered for that week as I could so that I’d just be home with Hunter.  Focused and ready for the task ahead. My main resource for potty training was the book Toilet Training Without Tantrums (TTWT) […]