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banana carrot almond flour pancakes

banana carrot almond flour pancakes

These banana carrot almond flour pancakes are my new favorite breakfast!  There is so much to love about them – the flavor (sweet from the ripe bananas), the texture (soft but not mushy), and the goodness inside them (eggs! bananas! carrots! almond flour!). They are […]

banana yogurt oatmeal pancakes

Breakfast is kind of a big deal around our house.  At least to Hunter and I.  We both like to eat right away once we wake.  No waiting.  Okay, I take that back, first I want coffee, then I need FOOD!  Normally when I get […]

whole grain apple pie pancakes

We definitely have our favorite breakfasts around our house.  Do you?  I tend to rotate through custard oats (lately they’ve been loaded with pumpkin… mmmm), banana-egg-oat pancakes topped with peanut butter and scrambled eggs + toast and/or fruit.  All pretty simple and quick.   All […]

five different pancakes – one easy mix

Happy Saturday!  Normally I don’t pop in over the weekend but I have to tell you about the week. It was pancake week.  And a delicious week it was. Every day I made a different pancake from one easy mix – my homemade whole wheat […]

homemade whole wheat dry pancake mix {for yogurt pancakes}

I did a whole bunch of food prepping before leaving for for our camping trip to Beverly Beach, but my absolute favorite item I made ahead was my pancake mix. I based the recipe off of my blueberry yogurt protein pancakes.  However, instead of using […]

blueberry yogurt protein pancakes

Pancakes are a beautiful thing.  Hunter (and I) can easily grab and gobble them up.  I love eating custard oatmeal, but it gets a little messy when I let Hunter grab it by the fistful.  That’s BLW for you… messy. Pancakes are not messy though!  […]

mini chocolate zucchini pancakes with strawberry chia jam

Happy Monday!  I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.  Jacob and I are loving not waking up to an alarm.  I’ve definitely got some great sleep in this weekend, even a nap once, which is so not like me. What’s been rough though is waiting […]

whole wheat buttermilk pancakes

Hello November!  We had such a fun Halloween last night.  My mom went all out with spooky foods… We started with brains + maggots.  AKA cream cheese, shrimp and cocktail sauce. Then moved onto the salad… devil mice with little mice turd droppings! Main course […]

Current Morning Addiction: Yogurt Multi-Grain Pancakes {A Meat Free Family}

I’ve got good news, and good news. Shall we start with the good news? I think it’s best. My caffeine reduction plan is going MUCH better than anticipated. I easily switched to 1 small cup of coffee in the mornings. Even until yesterday I still […]

Whole Grain Shredded Carrot Pancakes

I love all the excitement about my new food budget strategies!  I have a good feeling about the $100/week in cash system.  Part of it is like a game to me, and if you know me and my family, we love games. It’ll be a […]