easy weeknight lemon pepper salmon


I don’t know about your house, but dinner time here can sure be hectic.  With three little kids, someone is sure to get hangry (aka hungry and angry) during that hour or so before dinnertime.  And maybe that someone can be me… I am not perfect.  When we need dinner fast, with little prep and […]

black pepper and molasses pulled chicken salad {secret recipe club}

If there’s been one theme with my dinners lately, it’s been quick-n-easy. Maybe it’s my way of preparing for the little amount of time I’ll have once Hunter is here, or maybe it’s just that I’d rather be doing something else. That second thought is so not like me, I love being in the kitchen. […]

Falafel Crumble Stuffed Wraps

Oh hey Thursday.  When did you get here?  I’m just waiting for your friend Friday to come along.  He’s running late… again. And there you have it, an eye into one of the many random conversations I have with myself after 2 cups of coffee while it’s still dark outside. I feel so much more […]

Creating Dinner Traditions: Wilted Spinach Rotini topped with Garlic and Thyme Chicken and Sneaky Veggie Tomato Sauce

This recipe I’m about to share is really a jumping point for your own creativity.  It is very simple and comforting to make after a long day away, and can be changed to your liking.  I bet even my husband could master it. Growing up there was a weekly tradition in my house – Monday […]