cream cheese cucumber bites


Healthy eating can take a little prep work to make it feel simpler sometimes, but thankfully it doesn’t take hours to do.  These little cream cheese cucumber bites are prepped and ready in 5 minutes and can wait in the fridge until you are ready to devour them.  Perfect little bites when you’re a bit […]

huevos rancheros


Breakfast for dinner is always in our meal plan rotation.  Thursdays roll around and it just sounds so comforting and hits the spot every time.  Normally I lean more towards pancakes or omelets, but for this BFD (that we ate on a Saturday – double BFD dose that week!) we mixed it up with huevos […]

savory tuna & cheddar quinoa patties


With the new year into full force now, a lot of people make resolutions to improve their life.  I just love that.  Maybe those changes are for your health, or maybe like me you want to actually keep your house clean and organized.  The struggle is real over here you guys.  It’s real.  But if […]

coconut curry chicken with udon noodles and broccoli


There are some flavor profiles I just love… like anything with peanut sauce is a win.  Obviously.  Coconut curry sauce is another one.  There’s something about the refreshing coconut milk paired with spiced up curry that mixes perfectly.  You can make curry hot, or keep it mild.  I tend to keep it milder for my […]

healthy peanut butter banana soft serve


It’s been an oddly hot summer here in Washington.  Although we have 90 degrees predicted for this weekend, fall is definitely in the air.  I can start to feel a change in season.   I want to do yard work again, yay!  While browsing through some pictures from a few months ago I came across our […]

crockpot hawaiian beef and cabbage tacos


Hello!  Did you celebrate cinco de mayo yesterday?  I used a few more latin-ish songs in body pump and made tacos!Nothing was very mexican-ish about my tacos though, other than the tortillas.  If you aren’t feeling tortillas you could easily use a hamburger buns or pita as your filling holder, or even just eat the […]

whole wheat cheddar crackers

I love spending afternoons in the kitchen.  The kiddo is napping.  The house is quiet.  I’m making a mess of dirty dishes in the sink with hopes they will magically disappear (it never happens… at least not magically).  The other day I made these cheesy crackers, prepped a crockpot of yummy chicken noodle soup and […]

irresistible chocolate brownie cake or muffins

How about we start Friday off right with a chocolately treat?  Sounds good to me!  This cake, or the muffins (depending on what you bake in) are seriously irresistible.  SO SO SOOO good that you might be kind of surprised that there’s healthy stuff in it. Like sweet potato puree, whole wheat flour and olive […]