how to build a meal worthy salad in 5 simple steps


You guys, I have been salad obsessed.  O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. I love food, and I love eating, but I’ll admit some foods make me feel better than others.  Salads make me feel especially good, but don’t always leave me feeling full and satisfied.  I need a meal with some oomph to them, and these meal worthy salads […]

creamy corn and bean salad + sunday prep

I ended up getting to spend a lot of Sunday in the kitchen prepping food the week.  I had not intentionally planned to, it just seemed to happen starting with breakfast.  We had cottage cheese on hand (not a norm), which is a must for these protein packed waffles.  The best waffles.  I ended up […]

sweet potato rice salad

It’s hard to believe that Hunter is already 4 days old now. Time sure is flying by this week!  I have a feeling time will just continue to fly by… We had our first outing yesterday – just to Cotton Babies to learn how to use my moby wrap with him and a quick stop […]

chicken kebab salad

Our days of sunshine are over. Now it’s back to rain. Boo Washington, boo! The warmer (and dryer) weather had definitely had me craving more summer-esque foods. Smoothies have been in full force. Stews are out and salads are so in! I had some chicken thawing for a dinner this week and didn’t really know […]

curried grain salad

Every week for our Bradley Method class (which is tomorrow’s topic!) we bring a snack to share.  One week was a ‘meat and cheese’ (or something with protein), another was our favorite salad, and last night was some type of whole grain.  I do love my whole grains! While grocery shopping over the weekend I […]

lunch for the week: salmon feta grain salad

Good morning! I slept in and extra hour this morning. It was pretty glorious. Lucky for me I made my lunch for the week on Sunday, so no rushing to get that ready in the mornings. Remember last week’s lunch for the week of BBQ turkey burgers I made for Jacob? Well I made him […]

quinoa and kale salad with tahini lemon sauce

Merry Christmas Eve! HOHOHO Today has been the most relaxing day I’ve had in such a long time.  I woke up at 8, didn’t get out of bed until 9, sipped on some coffee, then went for an hour long walk with Jacob + Joe. We wandered around downtown looking at all the old houses, […]

salmon over caesar pasta salad

One bowl + one skillet + one plate + one fork = one very happy and satisfied belly. Well, if there are 2, 3, 4 of you then that’s how many satisfied bellies you’ll be left with. Just like I promised, as part of the 7 healthy salads to end the year with, I’ve got […]