easy weeknight lemon pepper salmon


I don’t know about your house, but dinner time here can sure be hectic.  With three little kids, someone is sure to get hangry (aka hungry and angry) during that hour or so before dinnertime.  And maybe that someone can be me… I am not perfect.  When we need dinner fast, with little prep and […]

salmon over caesar pasta salad

One bowl + one skillet + one plate + one fork = one very happy and satisfied belly. Well, if there are 2, 3, 4 of you then that’s how many satisfied bellies you’ll be left with. Just like I promised, as part of the 7 healthy salads to end the year with, I’ve got […]

{Secret Recipe Club} Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Feta & Cranberry Pinwheels

There are good secret and bad secret.  I’m a fan of the good kind.  The kind that leads to surprise birthday parties, marriage proposals and dinner being ready when you walk in the door (that secret needs to happen more often).  There’s a bit of a different secret going on today, but still the good […]

Salmon, Leek And Red Potato Frittata (simple how-to included!)

Whenever I’m in the mood for an egg dinner, frittatas come to mind.  A frittata is like a big omelet to share.  You can eat it warm, at room temperature or even chilled.  I don’t like too many egg dishes cold, but when it comes to frittatas I really enjoy them that way. If you’ve […]

Salmon and Artichoke Pasta Bake with Creamy Bean Sauce

Snow is finally here!  I am more than excited to see a few inches of fresh this morning. Keep it coming!   I am also pumped because I followed my get back on track strategies last night, no mindless munching, and felt amazing waking up this morning.  Starting the day out great. When making last […]

Processed foods I buy

The majority of the foods I eat I make from scratch.  It’s an easy task when I’m prepared with fruits and vegetables in the fridge, meats in the freezer and grains and beans in the cupboard.  Even though I make a lot, I don’t make everything I eat.  There just isn’t enough time in the day.  Here’s […]

Three meals, one magazine

Gosh it’s just felt like a busy week so far.  Good thing I prepped my meals again on Sunday for the  DO what you DON’T challenge.  It’s really helping me out. Here’s a little look at some of what I did.  Sliced/diced veggies and fruit and cooked a barley/spelt mixture. In addition I cooked up black beans, white […]