2 minute tuna avocado salad


As a mom of two littles, I can definitely say that lunch time is the most challenging meal to get on the table.  Usually we’ve spent the morning away at activities and will arrive back home when everyone is hungry and getting tired for naps.  I rely heavily on leftovers because they are quick to […]

chicken satay with peanut sauce


There are some flavors I am instantly drawn to.  My number one flavor profile pick though?  It’s gotta be peanut sauce anything.  I think that’s why I love thai food so much and even have two different thai peanut chicken recipes on my blog (a pasta dish here and a wrap dish here).  When I […]

cream cheese chicken taquitos


Some dinners I definitely make because it’s something I really want to eat, then other times I choose something I know my husband will be thrilled about.  I like to wave my nice wifey flag every once in a while.   Our tastes are a bit different, but usually there’s a good middle ground I […]

what's for dinner? creamy chicken enchiladas

During the past two weeks of having a meal plan, I’ve had a favorite meal in each week.  This week it was the roasted cauliflower frittata.  Last week it was the creamy chicken enchiladas. You can find the link to the frittata recipe in this week’s meal plan, but since there was no recipe for […]

cheesy egg salad rolls

Hello!  How has your weekend been?  We’ve spent some time working outside on the front yard, an evening with friends and lunch with my parents and brother, sister in law + niece who is in town.  A pretty great weekend, ending in a relaxed way – watching Hot Tub Time Machine with the hubs. For […]

curried grain salad

Every week for our Bradley Method class (which is tomorrow’s topic!) we bring a snack to share.  One week was a ‘meat and cheese’ (or something with protein), another was our favorite salad, and last night was some type of whole grain.  I do love my whole grains! While grocery shopping over the weekend I […]