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crockpot berry cobbler

One of my favorite things to watch is Hunter play and interact with his daddy.  He sure loves him.  One more recent thing that just makes my heart smile is seeing this. Jacob will sit down on the ground with a book, and Hunter walks […]

crockpot sauerkraut soup

Are you a fan of sauerkraut?   Jacob loves the stuff, which made him pretty stoked about this soup.  I on the other hand, am not a fan.  I avoid it with a 10-foot pole.  The only reason I tried this soup is because it’s part […]

crockpot soup, times two

Crockpots, soup and cold weather.  All things that go hand in hand.  What happens when you take one of them away? Tuesday was such a beautiful and sunny day.  February is technically supposed to be winter, but I’ll take these spring like days anytime I […]

crockpot smothered chili colorado burritos

Happy end of the weekend! Were you up to anything fun the past couple days? I taught total body conditioning and body pump Saturday morning, then Jacob, Hunter and I went on a walk and got coffee, cleaned the house and had a movie night.  […]

two crockpot recipes: cafe rio chicken and chicken parmesan

Good morning!  How are you?  I hope well!  Things have been busy and fun around here.  Hunter’s moving more and more, although not crawling forward just yet.  We finally bought a gate for the stairs, now it just needs to be installed before he takes […]

crockpot salsa verde pork

Hi there!  We had a very merry Christmas in our house.  How about you? Hunter was definitely spoiled with lots of clothes and many new toys to play with. And a bouncy red bull to ride. I feel like there’s a toy overload upstairs now.  […]

slow cooker whole chicken recipe

Happy Monday morning! Today I have something special planned… a blog hop with my friend Katie over at She Rocks Fitness.  Since Katie is here today, I’m over at her blog sharing a FUN sports training workout.  Be sure to check it out!  And since […]

Pineapple Meatballs (Crockpot)

Cooler weather calls for crockpot meals.  Warmer weather means grilling.  We’re kind of in a transition here, mixing warm sunny days in the upper 60s-70s with rain filling days in the 40s-50s.  On those warmer days all I want to do is BBQ and sit […]

Man Made Meals: Crockpot Chili

Lately I’ve been a bit busier than normal. I’ve mentioned it a tiny bit, but haven’t really gone into detail about what’s new with me. Almost a month, on what I named be bold Friday, I went to a local community center and talked with […]

Crockpot Ready: Warm Shredded Sweet Potato Porridge

Did you enjoy yesterday’s warming crockpot recipe?  Next time I will definitely make a double batch of creamy black bean soup.  The extra soup can be used as more than just left overs.  It would make a delicious sauce for a taco pizza, a great […]