{refreshing} green orange mango banana smoothie

I’m so sad our weather forecast looks like this… Boo rain! For so many days we had warm weather and sunshine.  But, I guess in Washington I should know it won’t last long.  It is only May after all. While I don’t look forward to the rain much, I do look forward to this week. […]

Blackberry Oat Smoothie

One of the great summer debates… A smoothies or a slushy.  What’s the difference? To me smoothies have some type of milk or creamy component added to them which makes them amazing.  A slushy is more fruity and watery.  Perfect for hot summer days.  What do you think?  Which do you prefer? My orange-strawberry-banana smoothie […]

Creamy Green Smoothie + A {Str}awesome Monday Morning Giveaway!

This weather is crazy.  Yesterday, picture this: sunshine, blue skies and mid-80s.  A beautiful sky to end the day with. Today.  Rain + thunder and lightning?!  Yuck not what I want to go running in.  Poor Joe was so scared of it he crawled into the bath tub. Yesterday was a big day around here.  […]

Middle of June

It’s the middle of June.  The weather is cool and the sprinkles are out.  Not what I expect for the middle of June. Even though all I want are warm things when it’s cold out I was craving a fresh fruity smoothie on this middle of June day. At my most recent trip to the farmers market […]