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homemade cinnamon play dough

Thank you all for your super sweet words regarding Zoe’s birth story!  It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I get to share how our little girl came into this world. Hunter first got his hands on some play dough at the library […]

Hunter: 17 months

My little boy is getting so close to that 1.5 year old mark… time to share some bits about his 17th month before it passes. Potty training is still going well!  We are  3 weeks into it, and still in training mode.  I am not […]

toddler activities: leaf week

I’ve officially switched from calling Hunter a baby to a toddler.  He’s 16 months, and in my mind I always thought I’d make the switch around 2 years, but he’s definitely not a baby any more.  Sniff sniff.  He’s understanding more and more each day, […]