how to make thick greek yogurt


I’m continuing to go strong with my at-home yogurt making.  It’s seriously so easy you guys!  Crockpot yogurt making is where it’s at.  From my yogurt making post I’ve received questions about the thickness of the yogurt.  While it isn’t super thick (like greek yogurt) straight out of the crockpot, with just one simple step […]

homemade crockpot yogurt

Over the weekend I attempted some new and quite amazing…. Making yogurt in the crockpot!  I’ve never made yogurt before so I was a bit nervous.  Not wanting to waste half a gallon of milk was my main concern. Not that I would cry over spilled milk… You see, the reason I set out to […]

chobani champions giveaway

Getting pregnant blessed me in so many ways.  The most obvious – this little guy. Another way?  My lactose intolerance went away!  The intense stomach pain I used to get when I’d eat ice cream, yogurt and cheese was no fun.  And plain old  milk was the worst.  I guess something switched in my body […]

The First Day

Monday was a day filled with firsts. It was the first day of doubles training for Hood to Coast, which is officially 10 days away.  Yikes! First run: 2.3 miles with Joe at 6 am. 20 minutes making it 8:41 per mile. Light and easy run with a slight chill in the air.  Morning runs […]

Processed foods I buy

The majority of the foods I eat I make from scratch.  It’s an easy task when I’m prepared with fruits and vegetables in the fridge, meats in the freezer and grains and beans in the cupboard.  Even though I make a lot, I don’t make everything I eat.  There just isn’t enough time in the day.  Here’s […]