I kept hoping and praying the rain would stop.  It didn’t.

Yesterday morning when I wanted to head out for a run and it began to pour.  So not what I was wanting to run in.  I took that as a sign for a rest day and rested.

Now it’s pouring again and I do really want to run.  It isn’t overly cold (58 degrees), but those dang rain pellets are scaring me!

But then there is something else too.  I started having this strange foot pain yesterday.  It’s on the side of my foot and just feels bruised.  It doesn’t hurt to the touch, just when I walk.  It makes me walk kind of funny sometimes.  That’s probably going to keep me from running more huh?

Has that happened to anyone else?

imageToday’s triple tuesday is on running inspiration.  When I want to get out of a running funk, there are 3 ways I help myself do that.

1. Read about someone’s awesome run.

It could be on a blog, an article online or even in the paper (ha! yeah like I read the paper?!).  That always gets me inspired.  Most recent running motivation I read?  Bonnie’s 21 miler.  Way to go girl!

2. Get new tunes.

Years and years ago I would only run with music, then I strictly ran without it for a couple years.  Now I’m back to with and without.  For longer runs it’s nice to have something else that passes the time, especially if the route is one you’ve ran many times.

Current new music love: queen, muse and yellow card… not really new music but new to my ipod phone.

3. Pick up new gear.

Since I got new running shoes over the weekend, I really want to run in them a lot more.  Now if I would have picked up new water-proof running gear, well then I wouldn’t even be here talking, I’d be running!  New workout clothes, shoes, hat or whatever is always fun.  When I buy it I want to wear it, and if it’s for running when then I guess I gotta run!  See the great effect of buying workout clothes?

I’m participating in Tuesday Trainer over on Lindsay’s list again.  Today I’ve got a little video over there for meet the trainer… should be up later this morning.  Be sure to check it out and listed to be blab a bit while sitting in my car on my lunch break.  Isn’t that what lunch breaks are for?

Do you have any great running inspiration tips?

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there in need of some inspiration, please share!


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0 thoughts on “triple tuesday: running inspiration”

  1. I like going on runners world forum when I need inspiration. Nothing like some 3 hour marathoners to make you get up and go.
    I ran the Portland marathon this weekend so now I can’t run either. I’m waiting for my legs to forgive me.

  2. I’m definitely a fan of new gear. I bought new shoes last week and while I’m not running regularly, I felt much more confident on the treadmill this morning!

    sometimes pain trumps inspiration, which is beyond annoying BUT I hope that pain disappears 🙂

  3. I agree! Reading about others runs is totally inspirational! And a new pair of shoes always gets me going 🙂 Sorry about the pain- I hope it goes away

  4. Running inspiration, healthy cooking inspiration, workout inspiration, life inspiration…we need all of it every so often! Because of that, I really connected with your post – and don’t you hate how you want to RUN when it’s not as convenient/enjoyable (ie: rain)?! I feel you on that one. I also find inspiration reading about others’ runs and, like others, I read my Runner’s World mags and blogs and it helps me find my mojo again if I’ve lost it. …Although I NEVER thought I would be one to inspire! Thanks for saying that and for encouraging me with your words!

  5. Great tips! I think new gear and music always motivate me!
    Especially if you spend money on new gear, you definitely want to make good use of it.
    Having a running partner is so motivating to me! Especially those early morning runs. I wouldn’t make it without someone. 🙂

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