Jacob and I made the trip up to Seattle Friday morning for a fun weekend filled with lots of Asian food and snowshoeing. 

Friday evening we went for Vietnamese food at Monsoon.  This restaurant was perfect for both meat and non-meat eaters.  The food was amazing and I left happy with a belly full of brown rice, delicious vegetables and tofu.


Saturday we ventured to an Asian marketplace called Uwajimaya.  It was more of an adventure than a grocery shopping trip.  We picked up many new to all of us foods – gobo (the long finger looking root), lotus root (the root with wholes in it) and some buckwheat seaweed cookies which were delicious! 


That evening we cooked up a feast filled with lettuce wraps (both chicken and tempeh filling), marinated cucumbers, fresh salad rolls with peanut sauce and papaya salad.


That was just the first course.

The second course included hot pot soup with lotus root and gobo with thinly slices beef available to cook in, crispy tofu with shredded sweet potato in coconut sauce, brown rice, long beans… I think that was all but I could be forgetting something.

It was a lot of good food!


Sunday was the day for snowshoeing.  We drove out to Gold Creek near Snoqualmie Pass.  It was sunny and beautiful.  You couldn’t ask for a better day.



It was fun using our new snowshoes we got for Christmas.



Once back in the car I was pretty tired, but had an amazing time.  We went just under 5 miles that day. 

I can’t wait to go again!


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0 thoughts on “Weekend away”

  1. What a fun trip Heather. The first course looks great! I love all of the different flavour. It seems you guys had a lot of fun there. I agree, you can’t ask for more than a beautiful sunny day in the winter.

    Have a great week ahead.

  2. Aren’t asian grocers the MOST fun places to go into?? There are so many crazy/fun ingredients to choose from. I enjoy buying my tofu from the one (sorta)near me – H Mart.

    The wraps sound so yummy! I love wrapping things in greens!

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