This past weekend we snuck away for 3 nights with a couple of friends.  It was an amazingly relaxing weekend and I was sad to see it end.


I had a couple of posts ready to go up while I was away without internet.  Check them out if you missed them. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Popcorn + A Movie

Savory Balanced Bowl: Sweet Potato, Collards, Black Beans and Egg

They were tasty ones!

While we had no internet, we did have TV and I got to catch up on a lot of Food Network.  Boy do I miss having cable and watching the Food Network.  I get so much inspiration watching those shows and ended up baking A LOT while we were there.


Every morning I woke up before anyone else and spent a couple hours enjoying my coffee, looking out the big windows at the lake, walking the dog, getting a quick AM workout in and reflecting.  I thought a lot about where I am going and what I want to do next.

Time goes by so quickly and before you know it months have passed and nothing has really changed or been accomplished. 

Yes, I’ve been taking some classes and will take another next quarter. 

Yes, I’ve ran a few half marathons and took on a crazy obstacle course.

But what else?  I want a big change or challenge to take on.  When somebody asks me what I’ve been up to I want to share something exciting!

Will I write a cookbook?

Start a new business?

Become a group fitness instructor?

I just don’t know yet.  But I do know I’m ready for whatever it is. 

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel double rainbow. 

And I want that pot of gold.


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0 thoughts on “What’s Next?”

  1. That rainbow is gorgeous! And looks like you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Sometimes you just need weekends like that that help you recharge. 🙂

  2. Hugs! That can be a daunting thought to cross anyone’s mind and I think most people have been there…I know I have! Whatever comes your way will be wonderful!

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