Our whole30 came to an end a while back.  Time for a recap!  In actuality, I’m calling it a whole3weeks, but I’ll get into that in just a few moments.  I wanted to start off by sharing what a day of whole30 eating looked like for me, so I snapped pictures to not forget.  Let’s get into it!

Want to read more about what the whole30 is and our reasons behind starting it?  Read my intro to whole30 post.

A day of Whole30 eats

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.18.35 AM

I started my morning with coffee + nutpods unsweetened original creamer, x2.  It’s dark when I rise, so lighting wasn’t the best.  I’m sure you can imagine some yummy, creamy coffee here. 🙂


Breakfast: leftover seared salmon, 2 fried eggs over roasted sweet potatoes and blackberries

I could eat this forever and ever. (And ever and ever.)


Post-workout snack: adelle’s apple chicken sausage and roasted sweet potatoes


Lunch: leftover tandoori chicken over parsnip/cauliflower puree, avocado, hot sauce, chipotle kraut, grapes and cucumbers

Basically the most random mix of leftovers from the fridge.


Snack: bacon and kumquats, along with a la croix

The kids picked kumquats out at the store and they definitely need to… grow on me. 😬


Dinner: shredded bbq chicken salad with bacon, tomatoes, bell peppers, avocado + potato wedges and dairy-free ranch for dipping

Again, could eat every.single.day!

Most days I found I wouldn’t fuel well enough at lunch time.  It is a bit more rushed as I’m trying to feed the kids after we get back home, clean them up and get ready for naps.  When my afternoon snack doesn’t satisfy, I know my last meal wasn’t substantial enough.

Whole30 wrap up

We cut the whole30 (whole3weeks) short for 2 reasons – I wanted to have some extra time to go through the reintroduction phase before our weekend away where we would not have as much control over what we ate, and Jacob was ready to be done.

Was it a success?  Yes!  Jacob changed his taste buds and got away from processed foods, and allowed his taste buds to enjoy real, unprocessed foods a lot more.  He noticed that too much dairy doesn’t make him feel great, and sugar makes him feel less than great too.  However, he didn’t feel like he got enough fuel for his workouts and gain goals in the gym.  He felt like he was losing weight and muscle and that was not a goal of his.

I though the whole30 met my goals as well!  My bloating was gone, I was majorly inspired by so many new recipes and flavors and my energy was great too.  I definitely leaned out, which really wasn’t a goal of mine, but hey, seeing a 6 pack after having 3 kids was pretty fun!

I only got to slowly reintroduce oatmeal and rice back in the week before our weekend away.  I did fine with the rice, but was sad that oatmeal gave me some stomach pains!  I just love oatmeal so I’ve way slowed down on my consumption of it compared to normal.  Dairy hasn’t made me feel great so I’m watching my consumption and taking notes when I do eat it.

It was interesting to note, on our weekend away we enjoyed a flight of beers and pizza at a new to us brewery.  Something we’ve done many times before, but coming off of a whole30 into that amount of food and drinks left our stomach so full and uncomfortable, even into the next day!  Our systems were just no longer used to pizza and beer in larger amounts, which is probably a good thing!

All in all, the whole30 was a success.  It educated us a bit more on what foods make us feel good, and which leave us feeling crummy, but there were times when we definitely felt restricted.  I’m planning to continue watching how dairy and oats make me feel, and just see what I can tolerate.

And every since the whole30 I’ve had crockpot pork carnitas on a weekly repeat, which is without a doubt the biggest win!  So good.

You’ve got to try the recipe you guys!  –> crockpot pork carnitas <–  Thank me later 😉

Tell me, what successes have you had with food challenges (whole30 or not)?   Do you have a recipe you just can’t stop making?  Share!


2 thoughts on “whole30 wrap up + a day of whole30 eats”

  1. Thanks you, Heather, for sharing a recap. You are always a wealth of knowledge. I’m on Day 12 of Whole30. The biggest shock for me is how NOT hard its been. I too have loved the new recipes (as had my husband) & frankly been astonished such healthy options can satisfy so completely. I sometimes miss situational food, like that cold coke zero when I’m sitting outside in the sun or the Starbucks run with my coworkers. But I haven’t had cravings or felt deprived which is so weird for this dairy/bread/fake sugar lovin’ girl. I’m most excited about the weight I’ve lost (nowhere near six pack abs here yet) but a close second would be anticipating the upcoming experience of reintroducing foods to my body on a clean slate to really isolate their impact on my system.

    1. Carrie I’m so glad you’re doing this! I remember (2, 3… 4?) years back that you were trying to figure out what foods were bothering you. Keep me updated on how it turns out. And I’m so glad it’s been easy AND delicious! Makes sticking with all the healthy real food choices simpler, huh?

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