Zoe: 3 months

Hello!  Popping in on a Saturday while the rest of the house naps.

First up, how did we get so lucky with this crazy hair? My SIL thought I styled it like this, but it’s just her God given hair style. #fauxhawkforlife


I’m going to switch up this monthly update with a new format to see how I like it. Lindsay posted her cute lil guy’s 1 month update with three sections: eat-wake-sleep, and since we follow babywise as well, I’m going to steal the idea.



Zoe’s still a great nurser, however, she’s been turning into a bit more of a snacker lately. I’ll cover that more in the sleep section, but right now she nursed between 7-10 times throughout the day/night. Around 12 weeks she went through a growth spurt and was nursing more… and then it’s just continued on. Normally she nurses on both breasts, but lately she’s been getting much more distracted and will refuse the second side, turning it from a meal to a snack.  She’s taken bottles well, until the past couple days she’s decided against wanting them.  I’m hoping for the sake of my sitters it’s just a phase.



Little lady loves looking and smiling at people. Herself included. I’ll be holding her and walk into the bathroom and when she sees herself she gets an instant smile on her face.

She happily plays on her playmat or chills in the boppy.  She just loves watching Hunter, especially when he gets into the jumper, which we brought back into the house thinking she’d be able to use it soon.  She still needs to grow a few more inches before she can touch the ground.  Hunter has majorly outgrown it, but he still loves it.

She’s beginning to try and roll over!  That bottom arm gets in the way, but she’s shown an interest, so we’ll see if by next month I’ll have that to share.


Generally she has a super easy and happy disposition. She got a couple shots last Friday which made her super sad (probably her saddest day in her life) and for a few days after she was more fussy.  Now she’s back to her happy self.

One of my favorite things to do is sit with her at the bottom of the stairs.  Hunter jumps off the bottom 2 steps and she just laughs and laughs.  It’s so adorable.



I felt so lucky when she started sleeping big stretches at 6 weeks.  I got so used to my sleep, but then at 12 weeks she began waking up every other night one to two times a night.  Sometimes she’d want to nurse, sometimes she’d just take a paci and go back to sleep.  Then it turned into every night nursing, up once or twice.  This last week I had so many days when I’d be up 3+ times a night… almost every hour.  Those days were super rough!  She’s been breaking out of her swaddle basically every time, so last night I decided to put her to bed unswaddled.  She went to sleep well, but still woke up at 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30am to nurse.  Even though she still woke, I feel like it’s going to get better.  At least I hope so. :) I’ve been really working on keeping distractions at bay while nursing her, which means less talking to people while she eats so I’m hoping if she gets used to bigger daytime meals she’ll need less milk at night again.

Zoe will put herself to sleep, unswaddled and without a paci.  So thankful!  She tends to get more mad when I try to give her the paci and is generally really good about falling asleep on her own.  Her naps last anywhere from 45 minutes – 2 hours.


Here’s a general look at her 3 month schedule, which of course can vary daily.

7:30-8:30am wake for the day and nurse then playtime
8:30-10:30am nap
10:30-11:45am nurse then playtime
11:45am-12:30pm nap
12:45-2pm nurse then playtime
2-3:30pm nap
3:30-5:30pm nurse then playtime
5:30-6:15pm nap
6:30pm nurse then playtime
8:15-9pm nurse
9pm put to bed
Night waking 2-3 times. Will nurse then right back to sleep.

If any mamas want to shed light on this sleeping switch I am all ears. I know it’ll pass… I just miss my good sleep. :)

Have a great weekend! I’ve got my detailed grocery haul coming up on Monday!


One thought on “Zoe: 3 months

  1. So great to get a glimpse into what your schedule is like as my little girl is almost one month old. I don’t have insight yet into regression of sleep habits as were still working on getting more than one three hour stretch per night. ;)

    Question: how do you fit pumping into your nursing schedule so you can have bottles for your sitters to give Zoe while you teach? I will be going back to work teaching fitness as well and really don’t know how to start without messing with my little lady’s regular nursing. She tends to cluster feed for a few hours most days so I can’t really predict when the next feeding will be. Thank you!

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