As I begin to write this (on my phone) I’m snuggled under the covers listening to miss Zoe’s crazy baby noises as she falls asleep. That’s one thing I forgot about – how many squeaky noises they make! She’ll even let out a little cry that makes me think she’s awake, then I peek into the bassinet and her eyes are still closed.  Silly girl.


Zoe turned two weeks old on Wednesday, and like I shared in my last post, she had her checkup scheduled for that day. Here are the stats:

Weight: 7 lb 10 oz (6 lb 12 oz at birth)

Length: 20.5 inches (19.25 inches at birth)

Jacob and I were so surprised by her awesome weight gain! She eats like a champ and it definitely showed in that number.


When Zoe was born she was a bit jaundice, but it’s all disappeared by now.

Her hair is so awesome.  I love that it’s so dark and that there is so much of it!


Zoe is pretty spectacular and quite an easy baby. She doesn’t really cry unless she has a reason – hungry, sleep, gassy, wet/poopy diaper. We’ve very blessed. She still sleeps a lot and wakes about 2 times a night to eat. She’s a bit of a night owl and doesn’t fall asleep until 11pm-12am normally. So while I’m not up all night with her (thankfully!) I am in need of a daily nap to catch up on those misses hours. She takes a crazy long nap in the afternoon. It’s awesome because Hunter naps at the same time so Jacob and I are able to nap too.


Speaking of Jacob – he got 2.5 weeks off from work but sadly has to go back on Monday. It’s been such a treat having him home! I think Hunter will have big time daddy withdrawals when he’s not with us on Monday.


Back to sleep talk. The first 1.5 weeks the only place Zoe would sleep at night was on my chest. I loved my Zoe snuggles but only sleeping on my back and not moving much had been rough my low back. After a lot of trial and error, I figured out a set up she liked. I put the newborn sleeping insert from our pack n play into the bassinet with a blanket folded up under where her head goes. I think laying flat on her back bothered her, so once I elevated her head a bit she happily slept in the bassinet!  The necessary tight swaddle too.


She’s now in newborn cloth diapers during the day and disposables and night. I haven’t figured out which cloth diapers will work well for longer stretches at night (to ward off leaking and excess diaper rash from dampness). At least until she fits into the one-size-fits-all cloth diapers I’ll probably keep using disposables at night.  If she keeps eating and gaining quickly she’ll be in the bigger cloth diapers in no time.


Now my update!


Other than being sleepy (and unshowered most of the time), I’m starting to feel more like my old self. Recovery is going well. The post delivery bleeding is annoying, but thankfully lessening every day.

When I was still having discomfort from delivery that first week, and especially the first few days, I really made an effort to not pick Hunter up too much. He’s quite heavy and the nurse told me not too – boo. It was rough emotionally for me. The lack of sleep the first few days home definitely played a part in this, but I did get really emotional missing my Hunter. I wasn’t putting him to bed, I wasn’t carrying him around and I felt really sad about it. I won’t lie, I had 2 days of major tears. I just couldn’t help the sadness. Thankfully Jacob forced me to nap (I zonked for a good 2-3 hours) and I was instantly more emotionally balanced. Since then I’ve only had a few happy tears mainly from thinking about my amazing kiddos and just how lucky I am to be their mama.


I’ve totally have the urge to move more now. I cannot wait to sweat a little! Right now though while I’m still recovering, I’ll limit it to walking. We went on our longest family walk the other night, about 60-ish minutes. It felt good and I’m excited to walk as exercise, not just as a leisure stroll.

I haven’t weighed myself at all since Zoe was born so I can’t say how much I’ve lost, but I’m sure it’s not a ton. I gained about 35 pounds this pregnancy and can tell by the feel in my clothes (other than the belly region) that not much has changed. I also have not been eating the best. Anytime there are sweets, I devour them. Cookies in our house are dangerous. We’ve been so blessed by family and friends who have brought meals to us, however, not having to meal plan has left us picking up more snacky foods to mindless munch on. Monday I’m back to cooking and meal planning which means more mindful eating!


This update feel totally random and all over the place, but I guess that’s just how my brain is right now. 🙂

Let me know if you guys have any questions for me!

Do you get more lax about what you eat when you don’t have a plan? Also, what’s the yummy dinner you cooked this past week? I need ideas for my soon-to-be cooking spree again!


5 thoughts on “Zoe + mama: 2 week update”

  1. She is BEAUTIFUL! Glad shes doing so awesome with sleeping and eating. I always love your honesty about how you;re feeling body wise and how you’re eating. I think you look great! 🙂

  2. Zoe is adorable. I’m due with our first child in September and I am so nervous!! Love going back and reading your weekly pregnancy updates with Hunter and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the newborn updates even more come August.

  3. You are amazing Mama! I love seeing your posts – it makes me feel normal 🙂
    I have a question, what kind of carrier is that? We have a moby wrap and an ergo but my 2 month old doesn’t really like either.

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