Hello! How are you all doing? On Saturday Zoe and I were showered with lots of love. Because of the snow storm a month back her baby shower got postponed. Lucky for everyone there, they got to meet her!


Zoe and I got dressed up for the occasion… I actually showered, did my hair and wore make up.  First time in little while.  She wore the striped geranium dress and grey harem pants I made her, a little white cardigan and a mustard bow headband (also made by mommy).

So cute.


In fact, we matched a bit… I made myself a bow too. 🙂


Zoe pretty much slept through almost the entire shower.


My mom hosted the shower and decorated everything in cute grey and mustard with chevron and birds throughout.


We did some crafting – decorated onesies with images to trace and also personalized squares for a quilt my MIL is making for Zoe.


We played a couple of games, snacked on yummy treats (mmmm my mom makes the best caramel corn) and opened up a lot of presents. Zoe got spoiled with so many clothes and tons of homemade items! We’re quite blessed. I can’t wait for her to grow into everything she got. 🙂


On Wednesday Zoe has her 2 week check up, so I’m thinking a little baby and mama update after that. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by! We have been having lots of fun as a family. Jacob has another week off from work. Super nice. It’s felt like a mini vacation, although a sleepy mini vacation. 🙂

Do you like to buy or make gifts for baby showers, or both? Personally if I can think of a gift the person will like, I totally love making them. There’s just something special about homemade items.


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  1. I see an Ergo box in the pile of gifts. You will love it! I still use mine with my 35lb 2 1/2 year old. Looks like a great party!

  2. DIG the matching bows- too cute! What a fabulous shower! The food looks amazing and I love the color scheme/theme. What a great way to celebrate such a little cutie. I like buying some parts of a gift and then making a little treat to include with it

  3. I’m starting simple with my first homemade gifts. I’m doing double sided flannel burp cloths for a friends baby shower. She’s having a girl so the pattern and color options seem endless. 🙂 And I crocheted a mini blanket for another shower. Simple, soft and small.. no need to lug a huge soft blanket everywhere.

  4. You look absolutely amazing just giving birth two weeks ago! I also like the baby showers when you meet the baby instead of the baby still in the belly – although at the same time when it is my baby I cringed at all the germs! hahaha

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