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10 Minute Body Burn Workout #4

by Heather

The focus on this 10 minute body burn workout is all about the core + a bit of glutes. 10 minute of targeted core work is super effective and this one brings that beautiful burn right along with it.

10 Minute Body Burn Workout #4

If you’ve seen a few of my workouts video, you know I love core workouts! I appreciate that you can get right into them, without the need for a huge workout. That’s what today’s body burn workout is all about!

Core + Glutes

10 minutes of amazing core exercise + a little bit of glute work is all you need for this quick workout. Give me 10 minutes, and I’ll give you a great home workout! All you need is your body weight.

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10 Minute Body Burn Workout #4

10 Minute Body Burn Workout #4

In our 10 minute body burn workout #4 we are taking the equipment free workout to the core + glutes. Training the core and glutes helps to make you overall stronger and more functional. Knowing that it can all be done in just 10 minutes is doable – enjoy this quick workout friends!

Follow along below or find the full workout HERE.

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Did you enjoy this body burn workout? I hope so! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of it.



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