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10 practical ways to bless the new and seasoned mom

by Heather

Looking for a way to bless parents as they bring their new baby home?  I’ve got 10 practical ways to bless the new and seasoned mom!  These are a fantastic way to show love during this joyful, but sleep deprived time.  Bless her and the family with one of these ideas!

10 practical ways to bless the new and seasoned mom

As I write this, I am 12 days past my due date!  We are just waiting with excitement for this girl to arrive.  Bringing a baby home is such a happy and joy filled time. So joy filled, but also very tiring!  The marathon of birth happens, then add sleepless nights plus needing to recover physically.  All I want to do in those first days/week is rest and snuggle my new bundle of love, so when someone blesses me with a meal or another thoughtful action, it really means a lot.

One thing I will say is that it is SO much easier to just rest up when you only have 1 kid.  When multiple kiddos come into the picture, it’s harder to just rest.  I still want to be involved with them and engaged, so I’m so thankful that my husband takes them on adventures and basically tends to all their needs.

If you have friends or family that are bringing home their first, or fifth baby, here are 10 practical ways to bless the new and seasoned mom.  Food is always a fantastic thing to bring, and I’m sharing some favorite recipes for you to try out.  I also have 9 other ways to show them love!  Read on friends!

10 Practical Ways to Bless the the New and Seasoned Mom

1. Bring the family a healthy meal

Dinners and meals are an amazing way to bless tired parents.  Here are 10 favorite dinner recipes we love that are perfect to bring to new and seasoned parents!

2. Make sitz baths for the mom’s recovery

I never knew what sitz baths were until I had my 3rd baby, Nova.  My sister-in-law sent me a ton of homemade sitz bath packs in the mail.  She had made them and ended up not using them 2 months prior.  I absolutely LOVED relaxing in the bath nightly, while allowing the herbs and epsom salts to help heal my body after having a baby.

Here is a how-to for After-Birth Sitz Bath Herbs from Wellness Mama.

3. Help with dishes and household chores

This is HUGE.  There are always dishes and messes to clean up, whether there are other kids in the house or not.  If you are there and see dishes, just take care of them.  Clear and organize counters.  Clean a bathroom. Sweep up any messes.  Every little bit helps!

If you don’t want to clean yourself, hire a cleaning service to come over for an hour or two!

4. Bring bright flowers, an easy to care for plant or potted herbs

Flowers brighten up a room.  A fresh bouquet, a potted plant or herb can cheer up a corner of a room.  Plus they smell delicious!

5. Buy groceries

Find out what staple items are needed, and bring a bag or two of groceries.  Here are a handful of staple items I always think about for every grocery shopping trip: eggs, plain whole milk yogurt, cheese, nuts/seeds, dried fruit (no added sugar), fresh fruit, vegetables for snacking, nitrate free bacon/lunch meat, bread and natural nut butters.

Homemade Kefir Ranch Dressing

6. Bring nourishing, easy to grab snacks

Hunger is REAL when you’re recovering and especially if you’re breastfeeding and up a lot throughout the night.  Having easy to grab snacks are necessary.

Simple to make and bring

Buy and bring

  • Bars (we love larabars and rxbars in our house)
  • Hummus and vegetables or crackers
  • Nuts and no sugar added dried fruit

7. Bring her favorite coffee or tea drink

It’s just comforting and delicious!

10 practical ways to bless the new and seasoned mom

8. Take her kiddos out for a walk or to a park (or the dog!)

My kids are little and NEED activity.  They need to run, jump and just play.  They do it in the house all the time, but if someone took them around the neighborhood for an hour or to the park for a while… gosh what a blessing!  I get rest and quiet, while they get what they need – movement!  For first time moms, do they have a dog that needs some love and attention?  Take the dog for a long walk!

9. Bring a game/activity to entertain her kids (or a book/magazine to entertain her)

I am not a big fan of having a lot of kid stuff around the house, but I will happily give my kids something new and exciting to entertain them when we have a new baby in the house.

Here are 5 ideas that all 3 of my kids, ages 2 through 5 all really enjoy:

No other kids in the house?  Bring mom a magazine or one of your favorite books!

10. Listen to her and be there for her

Ask how she’s doing, and really listen.  It’s so easy to focus on the cute, snuggly new baby, but during those first few weeks after giving birth, hormones are CRAZY.  Mom crying for no reason is totally normal, and from my experiences, crying makes me feel better!  Be a shoulder for her to cry on, be an ear to listen and a heart that supports her however she needs it.

What are some ways you have been blessed as a mom, or creative ways you’ve shown love to new or seasoned parents?  Leave those ideas below!


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