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5 Minute Fitness Challenge Workout Video

by Heather

Ready for a 5 minute fitness challenge workout? This little challenge is made for anyone who feels like they don’t have time to workout. Take 5 minute to do this workout. Then as many times throughout the day as you can fit it in, repeat and see how much it adds up to! You’ll be shocked at the end of the day how often you can get 5 a minute mini workout in.

5 minute fitness challenge workout video

I love my solo time away from my kiddos to work out, but with all 4 here, it’s been harder. So I get workouts in when they are around! We may do a kid yoga workout together, or they join in for a yoga burpee party! Really it’s whatever I’m in the mood for.

This 5 minute fitness challenge workout is one you can do solo when you have a free 5 minutes, or with you kiddos! Turn the video on and go! After a couple of times you’ll memorize the exercises and be able to set a timer and do it yourself.

Here’s to more movement all day long!

5 minute fitness challenge workout video

5 Minute Fitness Challenge Workout Video

Think you don’t have time to workout? Think again! Try the 5 minute fitness challenge workout and start with 5 minutes of movement, then anytime you have a spare 5 minutes throughout the day, go through another round. Continue to repeat! Soon enough you’ll realize how much movement you can actually get in. All you need in your body for this bodyweight workout!

Here are the 5 movements, done for 1 minute each: backward stepping lunges, side stepping pile squats with back squeeze, squat with calve raise, push up with alternating shoulder tap and boat 8s.

Follow along below or find the full workout video HERE.

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Did you try the 5 minute fitness challenge?! Let me know how it went in the comments below!



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