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8 minute fitness yoga laying core workout video

by Heather

Think you don’t have time for a workout?  Think again!  Workouts don’t have to be 60 minutes long to reap amazing benefits for your body. In fact, shorter workouts may even be better for this reason: they’re more likely to happen!

It’s better to get a 5, 15 or 20 minute workout in, then the 60 minute workout you said you were going to do, but it never happened.

The beauty of short workouts is that once you get started, you’re more likely to continue and build on that!  

That’s why I love quick workouts.  If I’m feeling unmotivated, I can still talk myself into moving for 10 minutes.  I know I’ll feel more energized at the end.  And 10 minutes flies by!

8 minute fitness yoga laying core workout video

Still a skeptic?  Commit to trying today’s 8 minute fitness yoga laying core workout.  Then report back how you feel. 

Did the 8 minutes fly by?  I can bet the answer is YES!

8 Minute Fitness Yoga Laying Core Workout

Join Heather for a super quick, but oh-so effective 8 minute laying core workout! In today’s class you’ll stay laying down on your mat and engage your deep core muscles.  You’ll feel amazing at the end of today’s workout and leave the 8 minutes stronger than when you started!

Watch below or click HERE to view it on my YouTube channel!

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If you give this workout a try, please let me know!



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