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50+ Healthy Burger Recipes

by Heather

I love homemade burgers, and if you do too you’re in for a treat with all of these healthy burger recipes! You’ll find more than 50 burger recipes here, and there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a beef burger, chicken burger, ground turkey burger, burgers made with black beans, or so many other combos, it’s all here!

Healthy Burger Recipes

Healthy burger recipes

Burgers are a go-to in our house because everyone can build them into what they’d like.

You can customize the toppings and make delicious burgers everyone will love.

You can turn them into burger bowls, or make a low-carb burger with a lettuce wrap.

A juicy burger is always a good idea!

50 burger recipe roundup for every preference - burger salad

Burger salads for the win!

Over the summers we deem Friday night our burger night and it’s my favorite!

I go for the buns sometimes, but I LOVE a good burger salad!

A lettuce salad base, extra other veggie toppings, special sauce, and a burger patty. Give me a ton of crispy potato bites or old bay potato wedges + kefir ranch dressing and I am in heaven. Heaven!

I cannot get enough of that combo and am gladly going to keep it going.

We’ve made tons of flavor variations over the past couple of months, and to keep the inspiration for myself going, along with inspiration for you, I’m rounding up so many tasty burgers!

There are burgers for meat lovers, and a whole lotta variety in there, along with meat-free veggie burger options.

Grab a recipe and get some burger (salads) in yo belly!

bbq turkey burgers

Pro tips when making these healthy burger recipes

Your ground meat of choice will make this a healthier version.

Choose lean ground meat like turkey or ground chicken or a lighter burger.

Or opt for extra lean ground beef for lean beef burgers.

Choose your bun and make it extra healthy by finding a bun with more fiber: whole-wheat buns are great, or make lettuce cups and have a veggie-forward perfect burger.

beef sliders

Healthy burger recipes

Beef burgers

Make these beef burgers as lean or indulgent as you’d like. Find high-quality beef (grass-fed beef if that’s important to you!) to use.

Great on an outdoor grill and will leave you with juicy patties!

BBQ turkey burgers

Turkey burgers

Light and fresh, a good turkey burger recipe works really well on a grill pan and baked in the oven.

big batch chicken burger patties

Chicken burgers

Have you tried cooking chicken burgers in a cast iron skillet? If not, it’s a great indoor cooking option!

Pork burgers

These easy recipes are so flavorful and a fun twist from your traditional hamburgers.

Lamb burgers

Healthy burgers recipe featuring lamb! These make a delicious dinner.

BBQ cheddar chickpea veggie burgers

Meat free veggie burgers

A veggie burger can definitely be an easy burger recipe. By adding extra flavor to the veggie patties you’ll find an easy way to get the best results.

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Mayo

What to serve with these healthy burger recipes

A delicious healthy burger recipe is always made better with the perfect sides. Here are 6 favorite healthy eating burger sides.

Need more ideas? Check out healthy side dishes for sandwiches for even more side dish inspo.

What are some of your favorite healthy burger recipes? If you try any of these, I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment below and tell me what you thought 🙂


Originally published September 2018. Updated July 2022.

50+ healthy burger recipes

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