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10 Ideas For Ground Beef

by Heather

If you have ever done a search on google or Pinterest for ground beef recipes, or what to make with ground beef, or ground beef ideas, then you will love what I’m sharing today! I have 10 ideas for ground beef that will keep you from feeling like you’re eating the same thing over and over again. Variety is the spice of life, and today, you’re getting that variety!

10 ideas for ground beef

Truth moment – I’ve definitely done that exact search before. Ground beef is just a really great protein to have on hand. I love it when I find an amazing deal on grass-fed ground beef. I will load up my freezer for sure!

Ground beef is also super versatile, which you will see in the ideas I’m sharing below! It’s a more inexpensive cut of beef, compared to a steak or roast. When you’re feeding a family of 6 (like me!), saving a little moola is nice!

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10 Ways To Use Ground Beef


Burgers are delicious and can be flavored up so many different ways. Right now I’m thinking about my umami mushroom beef burgers flavored with sautéed mushrooms, coconut aminos, fish sauce, and more seasonings.

If you are making a plain burger with no extra seasoning, you are missing out on all of the options out there!

Think about burgers almost as a meatloaf that you can flavor up so many different ways.


A meatball is basically like a burger but made smaller and rounder.

A fun addition to meatballs are shredded veggies. Some ideas include zucchini, carrot, or onion.

Add in oat flour and egg to keep it all together and you’re left with beef and veggie-packed meatballs.

Cook them up and smother in some BBQ and you have delicious BBQ meatballs. Find the recipe in this meal plan.

Taco Meat

Tacos are such a great use for ground beef because not only can you make tacos, but there are burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, and taco salad.

Simply saute your ground beef and add in homemade taco seasoning, and there you have an easy ground beef option for any Taco Tuesday!

Korean Beef Bowls

Korean beef bowls use sautéed ground beef just like taco meat, but the flavor profile is totally different.

Instead of a taco mix, we are using coconut aminos (my favorite seasoning!), for a sweet, salty, and umami-packed dish. Serve the Korean beef over rice and lightly pickled veggies, or sautéed kale.

Find the recipe in this meal plan.

Beef Stir Fry

Maybe when you think about a beef stir fry you think about actual stir fry beef, or even cutting up a steak or roast yourself. Well, friends, I have good news. You can use ground beef!

I like to do this in two ways.

The first is the saute my ground beef and flavor it up.

OR, as another option, I will often take my umami beef burgers, make extra, and then use that already cooked ground beef and turn it into a beef stir fry. Add some stir fry veggies with the meat, and serve over rice or noodles.

Find that recipe in this meal plan.

sharing my favorite ways to use ground beef


Another classic idea is chili!

Saute the ground beef, add your veggies, add all that tomato goodness, some broth, and add in some spices. There’s an easy chili for ya!

Serve with your favorite chili side. I’m partial to cornbread, but I have friends that enjoy it over rice. What’s your favorite chili side?

Grab my favorite easy beef chili recipe.

Healthy Hamburger Helper

Again, we start with sautéed ground beef.

We’re making a semi-cheesy sauce (with hidden butternut squash!), cooking up macaroni noodles, and putting it all together. If you grew up on hamburger helper, but want a healthier option, this is it!

Find the recipe in this meal plan.

Pasta Bakes

Since we’re talking about macaroni, let’s talk about pasta bakes. I grew up having spaghetti pretty much every Monday. Of course, spaghetti is a great option for ground beef. There’s a little bonus idea for ya.

But instead of spaghetti noodles, try a different pasta shape.

Cook it up, add your cooked ground beef, a marinara or spaghetti sauce, plus a little cheese and bake that up! You can easily add some frozen spinach or kale into the mix to up the veggies in that meal.

Find my favorite pasta bake in this meal plan.

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joes kind of remind me of chili, but a less spicy, semi sweeter type of chili. I grew up eating sloppy joes and I’ve always been a fan.

I also like to make meals a little healthier, so my version is very heavy on the veggies.

Instead of serving the sloppy joes in buns, try baking sweet potatoes and serving it in there!

Find my very veggie sloppy Joe recipe in this meal plan.

Coconut Red Curry Beef

The last idea for ground beef I want to chat about is coconut red curry beef.

This starts out with sautéed ground beef, add in veggies, red curry paste, coconut milk, bone broth, and it all gets cooked up together.

You can serve this over rice or ramen noodles.

It could even be served on its own as an almost soupy dish. So flavorful!

10 ideas for ground beef

Your 10 ideas for ground beef one more time

There are endless uses for ground beef, but to quickly put them all together in a short list, here they are listed again:

  • Hamburgers
  • Meatballs
  • Taco meat
  • Korean beef bowls
  • Beef stir fry
  • Chili
  • Healthy hamburger helper
  • Pasta bakes
  • Sloppy joes
  • Coconut red curry beef

I hope you feel inspired by these 10 ideas for ground beef. If you eat ground beef one time a week – you are set for a few months now!

What are some of your favorite ways to use ground beef? Leave a comment below and please share!



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