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4 Week Healthy Family Meal Plan (January 2021)

by Heather

The 4-week healthy family meal plan for January 2021 is here! Within this Fit Mama Meal Plan, you’ll find 4 weeks of smartly planned meals. Each week focuses on just 2 proteins. To save time we cook double the amount of protein for the first meal, then transform it into a totally new meal. The meal plan also includes weekly grocery lists, easy prep instructions, and a total of 24 recipes for the entire month! Keep on reading to see what’s inside the January meal plan.

January 4 week meal plan

January 2021 4 week meal plan

If you’re looking to simplify healthy eating as we head into the new year, this is the tool for you! Fit Mama Meal Plans was created to simplify dinnertime for families.

As a mom of 4, I know the struggle with TIME. We’re always running out of it. Pair that was decision fatigue when planning out meals, and dinnertime becomes a stressful time.

But if dinners are planned, and grocery lists are made, and all you have to do is follow an easy plan, then what happens? Well, then dinner just becomes delicious and nourishing!

What’s in the January 4 week meal plan?

Let me show you what’s in the January meal plan! We eat with our eyes first, right? Take a look at each easy meal from this 4-week meal plan.

January 2021 week 1 meal plan

Week 1

The 2 proteins in week one are on eggs and ground beef.

  • Smoked salmon and cauliflower egg puff
  • Beef and veggie enchiladas
  • Apple, potato and sausage dinner hash
  • Crockpot lasagna soup
January 2021 week 2 meal plan

Week 2

The 2 proteins in week two are canned tuna and ground beef

  • Tuna potato casserole
  • Beef chili
  • Tuna sushi bowls
  • Chili potato skins
January 2021 week 3 meal plan

Week 3

The 2 proteins in week three are chicken breast and pork roast

  • Coconut curry chicken with udon noodles and broccoli
  • Crockpot carnitas tacos with creamy tomato and avocado
  • Thai peanut chicken wraps
  • Pineapple pork and potato sheet pan dinner
January 2021 week 4 meal plan

Week 4

The 2 proteins in week four are chicken breast and ground beef

  • Buffalo chicken salad
  • Chili colorado burritos
  • Chicken pesto flatbread
  • Beef and veggie quinoa fried rice
January 2021 4 week meal plan

Bonus recipes within the 4 week meal plan

Within each 4-week healthy family meal plan, there are 8 bonus recipes. There are two recipes for breakfast, two recipes for lunch, two recipes for dinner, and two snack recipes. These meals can be added in to supplement the weekly meal plans.

  • Cheddar broccoli egg muffins
  • Banana egg oatmeal pancakes
  • Steak tips, veggie and potato hash
  • Tuna cakes
  • Zuppa toscana soup
  • Lamb meatball bowls with avocado cilantro sauce
  • Chewy orange almond butter oat cookies
  • Veggie loaded green smoothie

You can grab the January meal plan here! If getting meal planning off your plate every month sounds helpful, consider joining Fit Mama Meal Plans as a member (you save $ plus gets loads of other benefits).



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