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Life Lessons Learned from MY 12 Minute Trainer

by Heather

Do you exercise for yourself? 

Well, it turns out I don’t only exercise for me, but for this guy too.


For that to make sense, I’ve got to back track a bit. 

Jacob and I got away to my parents lake house over the weekend near Mayfield Lake in Washington.  They have both a house + apartment up there.  The house was being rented out, so we stayed in the apartment.  A much better size for 2 people + a dog.


It’s so beautiful up there.  The place is not to far from Centralia, which is a pit stop for outlet shopping almost halfway up from Vancouver to Seattle. 


So shopping we did.  Picked up some clothes for him and I + a donut plan (you better believe I’m excited about that!!!!).

Centralia also has a old town area we had never been to, so we stopped in there for lunch.


We love McMenamins.   The are so funky and have tons of restaurants/hotels all over Washington and Oregon.  This one had a hotel + movie theater in it, plus a ton of pool tables which is endless fun.


We got a funky old booth there and had fun with a new iphone app Jacob downloaded on my phone… photo booth.


For him a Ruby ~ light ale with tons of grapefruit flavor.  I stuck with iced tea for the day.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a burger at McMenamins before, but this time it was calling my name.  Especially once I read it came on a spent grain bun, I was sold!


Simple salad + maple stout dressing.  My meal was just perfect.


Jacob’s big bowl o mac n cheese.

Then this…


Guesses?  Guesses anyone?

Black + tan brownie with vanilla ice cream + caramel sauce.  I don’t really like caramel sauce so I tried to scrape it off the brownie with each my bites.  The actual brownie thought was amazing.  Very moist.  Very tasty. 


Some more funkiness on the way out… they went faucet crazy in the bathroom!

That was Saturday. 

This was Sunday.


Church, some dog walks and a whole lotta this.


Then back home Sunday evening which gets me to the beginning of my story.

You didn’t hear me mention any exercise did you?  Well, that’s because there was none.  That’s totally fine.  A relaxing weekend off is needed from time to time.

BUT, when we got home I just couldn’t relax.  I’d go from sitting on the couch tapping my fingers like a mad women next to Jacob trying to read, to standing up, walking to the kitchen, turning around and back to my wicked finger tapping on my phone right next to him.

I guess I was bugging him.  He thought something was wrong, but I just told him since I didn’t work out all weekend I had all this pent up energy.  Not enough energy to go for a run at 9pm though.  No way.

Then the orders began..

Jacob: Go do 20 push up.

Me: Hang on I need to finish texting my mom.

Jacob: No, do them now.  Just put your phone down.

Me: No, I need to find out what time I should be there tomorrow.

Jacob: No, just go do them, common trainer.

Me: Fine.

(I begin the push ups)

Jacob: Make sure to breathe!

Me: I am breathing (so then I begin to breath louder to make sure he hears it).

{20 push ups=done.}

Me: Okay, I’m done.

Jacob: Okay, now do 30 jumping jack.

Me: Good thing I’m already wearing a sports bra…

{30 jumping jacks=done.}

Me: What’s next? (now I’m actually having fun with it)

Jacob: Do 15 jump knee tucks.

{15 jump knee tucks=done and done.}

Me: (breathing harder now) Okay what next?

Jacob: Do walking lunges across the room, 2 each way then 24 times.  And make them good!

Me: (no words just start doing them)

{48… errrr probably close to 100 walking lunges later}

Jacob: How many have you done?

Me: I dunno probably close 20 times back and forth, I lost count. (while doing 4 lunges each length)

Jacob: What?  How did you lose count?  You know you only had to do 24 on each leg?

Me: Okay I guess I’m done!  What next?

Jacob: 15 single leg squats on each leg… with a knee raise!  And make them good!

Me: I only do them good.

{15 single leg squats on each leg with a knee raise=done.}

Me: Okay I’m done (while drinking some water + stretching out)

Jacob: Ummm okay finish with some crunches.

Me: What kind of crunches?

Jacob: Do this kind (showing straight leg up in the air with hands reaching towards feet) and then this kind (straight legs lifting hips to the sky).  20 of each then you’re done.

Me: Okay!

(After about 10 in he comes over)

Jacob: Common straighten those legs (while moving them from straight in the air to a 45 degree angle).  Reach for my hands (which I might add are just past my toes).  Common on trainer!

Me: (After at least 10-15 more) How many more do I have?

Jacob:  Just one more, make it good!

{25 straight leg crunches=done.}

(I begin on the straight leg hip lifts)

Jacob: (When I have about 5 more to go) Lift yourr hands off the ground (while he lifts them up).  Don’t cheat! 

{20 straight leg hip lifts=done.}

And done.

No we get to….

Life lessons learned from mY 12 minute trainer

Not to be confused with this 10 minute trainer. 

But I hear that guys pretty cool too. Winking smile

Lesson #1

When I’m feeling antsy, I should just go for a run, or do push ups, or at least do something. 

Lesson #2

Sometimes a {group fitness} trainer (AKA me) needs a trainer too.  They push you and don’t let you off easy.

Lesson #3

It’s easy to get into a workout rut and not want to do anything even after just a couple days off.  I know if I hadn’t done this the night before I would have had a much harder time getting up and running sprints this morning.

Lesson #4

A 12 minute workout (or even 9 minutes!) really is enough time to boost your mood and get you feeling back on track.

Lesson #5

It’s fun to bug your spouse.  Do it more often.

Any weekend life lessons to share?


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Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups September 5, 2011 - 4:02 pm

Love the impromptu workout with your “personal trainer”! Looks like a fun weekend. I love a good burger!

Get Healthy with Heather September 5, 2011 - 5:41 pm

My personal trainer sure made it fun!

Erica September 5, 2011 - 4:20 pm

What a fun trip!!! The food looks yummy and the location beautiful! The story totally cracks me up

Lauren @ What Lauren Likes September 5, 2011 - 4:29 pm

Ahah the bothering the spouse comment made me laugh 🙂

MirandaK September 5, 2011 - 5:48 pm

The faucets look crazy! Could you only turn one on, or could you turn on more?!?
…I’m so intrigued!

Get Healthy with Heather September 5, 2011 - 8:06 pm

A bunch (but not all) auto turned on when you hovered your hands under it!

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julie September 6, 2011 - 5:04 pm

what a romantic little get-a-away you had!!!!!! so cute 🙂 glad you had such a fun and relaxing weekend with the man! such a nice way to bring the summer to an end 🙂

Kristin @ eat healthy. be happy. live well September 9, 2011 - 9:36 am

I love this ‘workout’! I’m going to ask my honey to do this next time I’m looking to change up my workout! He’s a PE teacher, so he’s got all sorts of moves he could make me do.


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