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my natural home and personal care favorites

by Heather

Healthy living encompasses so many areas of our lives and today we are diving into home and personal care with my natural home and personal care favorites!

my natural home and personal care favorites

Healthy living is such a journey.  The foods we eat, the way we move and the products we use are just a part of that journey into healthy living.  Stress management, sleep, hydration, connection and relationships are part of it too.  There is not just one magical thing that leads you to your healthiest lifestyle.  Wouldn’t that be so easy if we just had to think about one thing!

We are all on our own journeys and those journeys never end.  There is no final destination.  We are never done learning, discovering and growing.  Maybe that sounds exhausting, but that sure is exciting to me!  I am a forever learner and have learned SO much in my 10 years of having this blog.  So much in all areas of healthy living.

I think food is one the easier places to start when shifting towards healthy natural living.  Everyone has to eat, and food makes SUCH a dramatic impact on our health and how we feel every day.  Our energy and moods are totally effected by what we eat.  Switching to real foods from overly processed foods is amazing and an awesome place to start.

Adding movement in is another area that may seem intimidating, but is so good for you!  If you’re looking on how to get started with exercise, I gotcha covered.

One area that often gets overlooked in personal and home cleaning products.  Did you know that your skin in your biggest organ?  Did you know that the chemicals we put into our homes can have a major affect on our health?  It took me YEARS to make a connection between personal and home care and how it can have an impact on the health of my family. If you want to give your body good care,  considering visiting the Waxing & Skincare by Celeste Santee salon.

If you want to dive a little more into why this all matter, I encourage you to read Are your skin care products toxic? by Chris Kresser.

Now, I am not coming here today as a natural living perfectionist.  No way.  I am no where near perfect.  We still have harsh chemicals in our house and (not that I feel good about it) have a pest control company come out to our home every few months because we get swarms of beetles that make it so we can’t go outside without treatment.

One step at a time

But I do make efforts to clean naturally and put products on my body that I love that aren’t filled with endocrine disrupters.  Things that I feel good about bringing into the house and I really work hard to limit the amount of artificial smells and fragrances in our home.  Personally over the years I have become way more sensitive to highly fragrant smells and they actually give me a headache, so I’m pretty good about that area.

Wherever you are at in your wellness journey, I hope that today’s post gives you something to think about.  Maybe you have never consider home and personal care products and today it gave you something to think about!

my natural home and personal care favorites

My natural home and personal care favorites

Here are my natural home and personal care favorites.  Products I have used for years and years plus some recent finds.  Plus items I DIY for the home and myself!

my natural home and personal care favorites

Homemade natural all purpose cleaner

I have been using this mix for so many years and keep coming back to it!  When I’m out of alcohol I omit it, and lately I’ve been adding a few drops of lemongrass essential oil and it makes me so happy every time I clean.  Lemon grass is one of my favorite smells!  Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap has been a longstanding household favorite of ours.

my natural home and personal care favorites

Branch Basics Cleaning System

If you are into natural cleaners, but don’t want to figure out all the different products you may need for an all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, window cleaner and so much more, Branch Basics (aff link) is a fantastic option to try!

Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent

This is a super recent swap I made but I am SO happy about it.  For the longest time I was using whatever dishwasher detergent I could buy at Costco.  I decided I wanted to make a switch, gave seventh generation dishwasher detergent a try and you guys, it works even better than the stuff I was using before!  I swear our dishwasher finishes in less time too.

BioKleen Bac-Out

My favorite go-to stain remover.  It works really well.  And we have 4 little kids + a puppy.

Mrs Meyers Liquid Hand Soap

I love every single scent they make, but especially the basil and lemon verbena.

Badger lip balm

I just love this stuff!  Softer than many chapsticks and lip balms.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Bar Soap

The lavender scent is my go to.  It’s a calming smell and it doesn’t leave my skin dried out.

Homemade self care products

Lastly a few items I still DIY – deodorant, dry shampoo and body oil.  Here’s what goes into them…

Deodorant: coconut oil + baking soda + corn starch

Dry Shampoo: corn starch + cocoa powder

Body oil: coconut oil + olive oil

What are some of your favorite natural personal and home care products?  What do I need to try out? 

What step would you say you are at in your healthy living journey?



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Becky February 8, 2019 - 2:10 pm

Branch Basics has saved my nose and lungs! I highly recommend the product and have been using the concentrate for over a year. It is a godsend!

Heather February 9, 2019 - 1:36 pm

Oh thanks so much for sharing Becky!


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