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How To Handle Tantrums With Michelle Kenney – #146 Fit Mama Real Food Radio

by Heather

Get ready for another amazing podcast episode with Michelle Kenney! Today we’re talking about how to handle tantrums. It’s a great re-fresh episode for me personally because our 2 year old definitely brings the challenge in this area at times!

how to handle tantrums

Have you ever asked these parenting questions?

Why do kids have tantrum?

How do we handle tantrums?

Why do kids hit?

How do we teach kids to not hit?

What do we do if hitting continues to happen?

What do punishments do to kids?

Are punishments necessary?

What are alternatives to punishment?

How do rewards affect behavior?

What are ways we can teach kids how to behave using rewards?

If so, you’ll LOVE today’s episode!

How To Handle Tantrums With Michelle Kenney

In episode #146 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined once again by Michelle Kenney! We dive into some of the other hard parenting stuff today, specifically tantrums, hitting, punishment and rewards. Of course, the topic of connection is there because connection is so important! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

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