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what is it like with 4 kids? – fit mama real food radio #55

by Heather

Hello and happy Christmas Eve! I hope you are fully enjoying yourself right now.  This weekend we celebrated the season with family, decorated gingerbread houses, looked at amazing Christmas lights, finished wrapping gifts while watching Die Hard (my hubby’s fav Christmas movie) and I found an AMAZING new (to me) ugly Christmas sweater. I didn’t even know it at the time, but it had built in lights!

what is it like with 4 kids?

The kids have been overflowing with excitement and it will just continue as we go through the week into the next weekend. Can’t wait!

what is it like with 4 kids?

Kids make holidays just so fun with their excitement.  And with 4 kids there is a whole lot of excitement to go around.

One question I get often (second to “how do you do it all” – that’s a post for its own day!) is “what is it like with 4 kids?”.  Well today I am sharing a chat I had with fellow mom of 4 Regina Parks.

what is it like with 4 kids? with Regina Parks

Our kids are super close in age (6, 4, 2 and under 1) and I thought it would be so fun to have her onto the podcast for us to share more about mommin’ with 4 kiddos.what is it like with 4 kids?

What is it like with 4 kids?

In episode 55 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Regina and I chatted all about the transition to 4 kids, prioritizing time with your spouse, which number was the most challenging to add into the mix, favorite family activities, managing household tasks and feeding the family, plus advice and words of wisdom for all mamas. I hope you enjoy this episode today!

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Have a merry Christmas all!



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