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Should you meal plan? (here’s how it’s helped me)

by Heather

Today we are talking all about meal planning. I am pumped for it! Last week I shared how to meal plan in 7 easy steps. Today we’re asking the question – should you meal plan?

should you meal plan?

Should you meal plan?

I’ll share how meal planning has been helpful in my life. Maybe it will resonate with you. Maybe you’ll want to try it out.

What is meal planning?

First, what is meal planning and is it right for you? Meal planning is menu planning. You are simply planning out the meals for your week.

I find often people associate a meal plan with a diet plan. And yes, that can be a thing. However, here, it is not. We are simply talking about feeding our families the meals we put on the table, and creating a plan.

How has meal planning been helpful?

Meal planning has helped me in a few different ways. I’ve been meal planning for 10+ years and since having kids 8 years ago, I became very consistant. Prior to kids, we had a tight budget to work with. I had to meal plan to make sure that I was not over spending. It was vital and I had to make it work!

Now, meal planning helps to take stress away. It was one of my 4 strategies to reduce stress around feeding famillies.

It also helps to reduce decision fatigue. I have 4 kids. I have a whole lot of decisions to make all day long, and I don’t want to be thinking, what will we be eating at 4pm that day?

It also helps me to save money. I only buy what I need and have planned for. But most importantly for me, it helps to take stress out of my life.

Meal planning can also help us make healthier choices. When we are intentionally deciding what we are going to be eating, we are empowered to make choices that will leave us feeling good. We can keep adding more goodness in, and the less than good stuff fades out.

should you meal plan?

Now I’ll ask you, should you meal plan?

Maybe you’ve decided that you are IN for meal planning. Or maybe you need more convincing. I want to know!

Are you team meal planning, or do you have a rhythm that works for your family? Still looking to learn how to meal plan? Definitely check out my meal planning strategies.

Or join the No More Dinner Rut Challenge to get unstuck!

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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