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5 Summer Breakfast Ideas for Kids

by Heather

Summer is here and I’ve got 5 summer breakfast ideas for kids to simplify your mama life! These easy breakfast ideas can be made super quick in the morning, or prepped ahead of time to keep your summer mornings relaxed, enjoyable and nourishing too!

5 easy summer breakfasts for kids

We are officially done with the school year, which means we’ll be a little more relaxed around these parts. One way I can make my mornings more relaxing is to have quick and easy breakfast options available.

Getting outside and adventuring is my #1 favorite thing to do during the summer. We’ve gotta take advantage of less rain here in Washington! Breakfast has to be easy AND nourishing so that we have energy that lasts.

The anatomy of a balanced breakfast

All of the recipes I’m sharing here have a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. This will help keep us all energized and blood sugar balanced.

An added bonus: the recipes include a fruit or vegetable (sometimes both!) too!

5 summer breakfast ideas for kids

Quick to make, or easy to prep in advance, you’ll want to keep these breakfast recipes in your weekly breakfast rotation!

yogurt and granola bowl with strawberry chia jame

Yogurt granola bowls

Start with a base of full fat plain yogurt (or your favorite dairy free yogurt), add strawberry chia jam and top with granola! Here are 3 favorite granola recipes we rotate through: hemp granola, chocolate peanut butter buckwheat granola and maple coconut peanut crunch granola. And if you don’t want to make your own granola, we love this coconut almond granola we find at Costco!

Banana Egg Oatmeal Pancakes

Banana Egg Oatmeal Pancakes

Just 3 simple ingredients (banana, egg and oats) transform into a balanced, delicious and kid friendly breakfast option! They are so tasty and a quick pancake recipe for easy mornings. Kid can even make em! Go try some banana egg oatmeal pancakes!

Gluten free freezer protein waffles made in the blender

Freezer Protein Waffles

What’s better than meal prep? FREEZER meal prep. These protein waffles are perfect to make in advance, freeze and have ready for the easiest of breakfasts. The batter is made in the blender. Top with berries to get some yummy fruit in the mix.

go to green smoothie - peanut butter banana spinach smoothie

Breakfast smoothie

My go-to green smoothie is the perfect quick and cooling breakfast option for summer. When it’s so hot and you don’t want to cook, make a smoothie! These green smoothies are loaded with veggies, protein, carbohydrates and fat. Fueling and delicious! Grab the peanut butter banana spinach smoothie recipe and get making them!

freezer ready sausage, egg and veggie breakfast burritos

Freezer breakfast burritos

Another easy make ahead breakfast that you can easily pull out of the freezer when you need them – sausage, egg and veggie breakfast burritos! These breakfast burritos are super customizable – use whatever breakfast meat and veggie you’d like here. Have kids help make them for an afternoon activity and breakfast is SET.

5 quick and easy breakfast ideas for kids

Do you have a favorite go-to breakfast during the summer? Leave a comment below and do share!



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