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Zoe and Nova’s unicorn birthday party

by Heather

I absolutely love a good themed birthday party!  Today I am sharing our unicorn birthday party we threw for Zoe and Nova over the weekend!

Thank you to PurpleTrail for sponsoring this post. More on their invites below!

unicorn birthday party

Can I just pause for a moment and say… how is Zoe FIVE and how is Nova THREE?!?  That is just crazy to me!  Love those silly and sweet girlies so dang much.

unicorn birthday party | unicorn cake, unicorn crafts

Unicorn birthday party

Okay back to the party.  I always let them pick the theme and was not surprised at all when they chose unicorns.  We loooooove my little pony in our house and all things glittery and colorful.  With that, I went off to Pinterest in search for unicorn party ideas!

Unicorn birthday party invites

unicorn birthday party

The first thing I had to do was work on birthday party invites and you guys, I got the cutest invites from PurpleTrail!  They have amazing children’s birthday invites.  They’re based locally to me in Seattle, shipped quickly and I just love how they turned out!  The quality was really great.  I was able to customized them how I wanted and the whole process was really simple.  PurpleTrail makes invitations, cards, planners and so much more.

I got sooooo many compliments on these unicorn birthday party invites and ordering invites really made my life easy!  Easy is totally what I was on the search for being that Holland is only 10 months old (still waking me up a TON lately) and my hands are less free to DIY things.

Unicorn Cakes

After the invites were sent out, I planned out the food!  I always make a japanese cheesecake for Zoe’s birthday party, and they both also wanted my uber tasty carrot cake.

unicorn birthday party - simple unicorn birthday cakes

For the unicorn cakes I took such a simple but cute route – I just bought 2 unicorn figurines – this bigger rainbow unicorn and this foal unicorn – added flowers to both cakes + raspberries on top of the japanese cheesecake.  We love how they turned out plus they had new unicorn toys to have after the party was over!

Birthday party food

unicorn birthday partyunicorn birthday partyunicorn birthday party

I kept the food more simple than previous parties – things I could prep in advance!  I served tomato soup (Zoe’s fav), sourdough bread, chicken caesar salad and a rainbow fruit platter!  I love a colorful fruit platter!

Unicorn party activities

Then for the activities, because I gotta keep these kids entertained, I decided on a couple crafts + a game.

Decorating unicorn horns

unicorn birthday party

The first craft was to decorate and glitter unicorn horns.  This was super simple to prep.  I bought small cardboard cones, elastic and glitter washi tape.  I used my hole punch to add 2 holes, strung some elastic through the holes and tied the ends together so the kids could wear their unicorn horns.  Then during the party the kiddos decorated their horns how they liked with glitter washi tape!  Much less messy than actual glitter.

Unicorn hand puppets

unicorn birthday party

The next craft was to finish up unicorn hand puppets.  This one took more prep ahead of time but the week leading up to the party I had Hunter, Zoe and Nova help me with this one.  It’s always fun getting the kids involved with party prep!  I followed these instructions for making unicorn hand puppets.

Pin the horn on the unicorn

unicorn birthday party

Such a fun game!  My talented husband drew the unicorn on a poster board and I cut horns out of glitter card stock.  We used tape for sticking the horns on.  The bigger kids were sooooo good at getting the horn exactly on the unicorn’s horn.

Balloons galore

unicorn birthday party

unicorn birthday party

I always love giving out tons of balloons for the adults to blow up when they get there and kids run around like crazy playing with balloons.  It isn’t unicorn related, but colorful and such a fun activity for the kids.  They love it!  And they also thinks it’s hilarious to pop the balloons.  That fun ends when all the balloons pop.

We loved our unicorn birthday party, celebrating with friends and family and were all ready for naps by the afternoon!  I hope you enjoyed a look into our celebration for Zoe and Nova!



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