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what we ate: apr 12-22

by Heather

Today I’m coming at you with not one week, not two weeks, but a week and a half of meals!  I won’t be cooking dinners for a little bit so I thought I’d share what we’ve been eating recently.  This week was all about using up food so dinners were not the most exciting, but still tasty!  As always, when there is a recipe to link to, you’ll see it.  The asterisk next to a day is to help me remember when Jacob loved a meal or wanted me to write it down.

April 12-18

Sunday * – pork ragu (third time making this, it is AMAZING!) + papardelle + brussel sprouts with bacon


Monday – leftover tomatillo beef on whole wheat toast with feta + mushrooms + clementines

Tuesday * – loaded baked potatoes with spicy beef sauce, cheese, sour cream and avocado + peas

Wednesday – baked halibut rice bowls with cucumber + avocado

Thursday – blueberry whole wheat pancakes + beef bacon

Friday – * pizza night – homemade whole wheat pizza crust topped with leftover ground beef + marinara sauce + cheddar + green bell pepper + mushrooms


Saturday – wood oven sausage pizza + roasted brussel sprouts + salmon crostini {dinner at our favorite restaurant the hearth}

April 19-22

Sunday – herb crusted steak + roasted red and sweet potatoes + kale chips


Monday – salmon + kale salad with avocado, grated carrot and poppyseed dressing + sauted zucchini and onion + pear {dinner at my mamas}

Tuesday – creamy tomato pasta with steak, asparagus and feta {using up leftover items in the fridge}


Wednesday – potato bacon hash + fried eggs + avocado + mango


We celebrated earth day (unintentionally) outside doing a little gardening and pulling weeds.  If it’s not rainy, the kids and I love being outside whenever we can!  Aren’t they just the cutest?

IMG_6786Did you get outside yesterday? 


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