Life with this kid is amazing, and just keeps getting better and better. Both week 1 and week 2 were filled with adjustments and challenges (mainly in the sleep department), but I feel like we’ve already turned over a new leaf.

The other day I was telling Jacob that it’s really gotten so much easier and  a lot more fun.

Hunter himself is getting more fun.


New developments just this past week:

  • starting to smile more, although I’m not sure if they’re intentional yet
  • making more baby noises
  • following and tracking moving objects a lot more with his eyes
  • holding his head up even more – he’s still so strong!
  • sleeping better at night
  • contently laying and looking around at the world
  • just a happier disposition

I definitely think the happier disposition is because of better sleep. I know I’m happier when I get sleep!


He loves spending time watching moving objects, which is nice because it gives me a free hand while he’s awake.  I almost always have the music on for him too when he’s in his bouncy chair or swing.  He always kicked and moved a bunch when I’d have music on when he was in womb, and he still enjoys it now.

See that happy face!


After we get up in the morning and I’ve changed his diaper, he spends some time hanging out in the crib looking up at the mural and making noises.  I love those baby noises, they are the cutest thing ever.

Most nights now he goes for a 4 hour stretch after his last evening feeding, then 3 hours between feedings after that, so kinda like this:

10pm eat – 2am eat – 5am eat – 8am eat

I want to decide on a wake time for him and begin starting our day at that time… I’m thinking closer to 7am, but we shall see.  This morning he did wake up at 7am, but I had him go back to sleep for another hour before getting up to eat.


He’s definitely been growing.  I weighed him on Monday and he was up to 10 pounds!  That means he gained 2 pounds in 3 weeks.  Pretty good! 🙂

He still fits in newborn clothes, but I think over the next month he’ll begin to outgrow them and fit better into 0-3 month clothing.


Tonight I go back to teaching cycle, so it’ll be the longest stretch I’ve been away from him – about 1.5 hours.  I did leave him for the first time on Tuesday with my mom for an hour while I went to audition to teach body pump at another club.  I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I totally missed the kid.  I’m hoping it’s not too hard tonight, especially because I know my class will ask about him and want to see pictures.

In other exciting news, I worked on updating the baby page yesterday, so all of the Hunter posts can now be easier be found in one place!

I got way behind on updating old posts and finishing the pages when I switched over my blog, but I’m slooowwwly making progress again.


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