It’s hard to believe Hunter’s already more than a week old! On Monday he hit the 1 week mark.

Being home now instead of working full time has been an easy adjustment. I love every minute of it. It’s like a constant weekend, just hanging out with my little guy, no worries in the world.

Starting off his sleep was hit or miss. The first 4-5 nights were really rough. One night I had been awake the entire night and when it got to 3:30am with no sleep, I just broke down and started crying. Nothing I was doing would make him calm down, so I gave him to Jacob and went to sleep. Much needed sleep. Luckily he wasn’t back to work at the time so we could tag team him in shifts. Monday morning Jacob had to get back to work, which meant no more tag teaming at night. I know if I need his help I can wake him up, but since I’ll be home throughout the day I feel like I should let him sleep. Plus I function much better on less sleep than him.

Luckily I’ve figured out how to get him to sleep the majority of the night — on my chest.  He boycots sleeping in the pack n play napper set up next to our bed.  Occasionally he’ll sleep laying next to me, but only if I put him there after he’s really asleep.  Since I figured this out, the past 2 nights I’ve slept from about 9:30pm-6am, waking up about 3 times during the night to feed/change him.  I feel sooooo much better now that I’m getting sleep!

He doesn’t cry too much at night, and when he does cry I’ll just give him a boob and he’s okay.

Throughout the day he’ll sleep for long stretches on the couch in between two pillows.  At night it’s a different story though… strange.

He’s been breastfeeding since the get go and it’s going great. No real problems with him latching or wanting to nurse, which I feel so lucky about.  When my milk came in my breasts were engorged for about 2 days, but nothing painful.  I’d hand express a bit of milk before feeding him (to make it easier to latch), and we’d be good to go.  Again, feeling soooo lucky about that.

His skin is starting to flake off, which I read is normal. So far his eyes are blue/grey… I wonder what color they’ll end up being. Jacob’s eyes are blue, mine are brown.

He gets the hiccups daily and is already working on holding his head up!

Look at that big cloth diaper butt!

Since we switched to cloth diapers that’s all we’ve been using and we sure love it. Doing a load of laundry every day isn’t a big deal at all, especially since they’re pretty small loads.

How am I doing?  Recovering pretty well, just still sore from him coming out of me. It feels like I’m bruised down there, and I can tell when I do extra walking around the house or if we run an errand I feel even more sore.

I think I’m on the mend though.  Yesterday I went for a walk with Hunter in the moby, and my mom holding on to Joe.  We did our normal 25 minute walk and I didn’t feel sore at all during.  When we got back I could definitely feel the extra movement, but the joy of walking was way better than the tiny bit of soreness.

Sleep definitely makes me feel a lot more normal.  In addition to the walking I vacuumed, ironed some of Jacob’s shirts, did lots of laundry, did dishes and even made dinner yesterday.  It felt so good to cook again!

When Hunter was born I had gained a total of 45 pounds. One week later I’m down 17 pounds. I’m definitely not worrying about the extra 28 pounds I’ve still got. They’ll leave me eventually.  Honestly I felt so tiny instantly without the big belly! I’m interested to see what happens with my weight by just eating well, eating when I’m hungry (which is basically all the time!) and slowly starting to add walking in.

One daily treat for myself (other than constantly cuddling my Hunter) has been soaking in tn the tub.  It’s not only super relaxing, but helps with the healing process too.

Today I’m venturing out and running some errands, just me and this guy.  Should be fun!



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  1. Awwwwww- oh my gosh! I just adore him. Hes so darn cute. Couldn’t be happier for you 🙂 In terms of the sleep- Kaylin was the same way- she only wanted to sleep on my chest. Eventually we transitioned her to the lounger in the pack and play for a couple weeks and then just in the pack in play. It seemed to work well. I definitely kept her on my chest for a while though. I think they’re just SO used to your heart beat! I remember being mad hungry when I was breast feeding. Glad you’re feeling well.

  2. Aweee congrats he’s adorable. SO fun! I don’t know if you already have it or not but get the Dermoplast antibiotic spray and spray it “Down There” seriously your best friend for the next few weeks! 🙂 Just a tip i learned last time around to help with the soreness.

  3. Looks like an awesome first week! Hunter is so precious!

    I’m not a medical professional, just a doula, but you may want to take it easy on the walking, I know it’s good for your mental sanity to get out of the house a bit, but your pelvic floor muscles are still healing. Most women won’t notice that they took it too hard after their pregnancies until they’re post menopausal 🙁

  4. Wow, congrats on the sleep! I never could manage to sleep with the baby on me for fear of squishing him, but sure wish I would’ve.

    I second the dermoplast!

  5. aww gosh i just love reading these posts. i’m SO glad to hear things are really going well so far. it sounds like you’ve had it pretty easy so far, which is such a blessing! and i have no doubt that the weight will continue to just fall off of you. 🙂 you look great!

  6. Aw, I remember the cuddling days, only my first would cuddle and sleep with me or on me, I miss that, the other two only wanted their beds.

    I remember being bummed after baby number three that the first week I had only lost 10 pounds, i gained 28 total and it was depressing, but then another large chunk came off over the next week and by week three i had lost all the extaweight, although I did have lots of toning to do! Same with my second, three weeks for me to get back to my normal weight. My first, ha we won’t go there because I did nothing to take care of myself and i never lost that extra weight until after number 2!

    It’s great getting back into your normal household chores, heck I came home straight from the hospital and had to clean the house and put everything away, i was not happy about that!!

    Enjoy those baths 🙂 I think i need to treat myself one tonight, for mental healing haha

  7. Happy 1 Week, Hunter! He’s so adorable and it’s great to read an update on how both of you are doing. Congratulations, again!

  8. Happy that you are sleeping and congrats on Hunter! I love reading your blog. I am 6 months pregnant this week and I have loved seeing how your pregnancy progressed. I hope I am able to remain active like you did throughout your pregnancy.
    Enjoy staying home with your little man!

  9. He is adorable! And I love that you are up and walking already 🙂 I have so many friends who just gave birth and are a mess (physically and emotionally). My husband and I just started trying and it’s freaked me out a little. The positive stories are so needed to relax a little!

  10. Ava slept on my chest for about the first 6-8 weeks! Was the only way that she would sleep. She would start to kick a little when it was time for her to eat, I would wake up feed and usually change her, she never fussed this way, went right back to sleep when we were done. Loved it! Jason just slept/sleeps next to me, got right on a good schedule. Gotta love co sleeping, it does make a lot of sense for them to want to be snuggled right up to their mama! Co sleeping is also good for baby’s respiratory system, mama helps baby breath throughout the night.

    1. I LOVE it. Wearing it right now and he’s just sleeping away. He loves it too and it even works to calm him down if he’s being fussy.

  11. You mention that his sleeping seems off. Good in the day and not so great at night. Something you may want to look into are horary points. You can do a bit of acupressure and “re start” his clock. I have a chiropractor here that was helping me. My mornings were off (I could hardly get out of bed before 9 am after sleeping for 8+ hours and i’ve got kids to take care of) I was able to figure out where to apply gentle pressure at a specific time and now I’m wide awake and ready to go at 7:30. He is only a week old so it may not even be something you want to look at right away, if you even consider this route, but I just thought I would put it out there in case you are interested. And he’s adorable. Your moby wrap is so cute. Mine is plain 🙁 oh well, I love it anyway 🙂