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Colorful Cooking For Kids: Lesson One Green Oatmeal Mini Muffins

by Heather

Colorful Cooking For Kids is a brand new series I am excited to share with you and your kids! In this series we’ll use recipe lessons to encourage adventurous eating, curiosity and colorful cooking together. In lesson one we’ll be exploring spinach and making green oatmeal mini muffins together!

Bringing kids into the kitchen is my jam and as more and more kids are home from school, I felt pulled to create a resource that will give you guidance on how to use cooking together not only as a great skill builder, but how to use cooking in the learning process.

Colorful Cooking For Kids

Cooking with kids

I believe there is so much to learn when we bring kids in the kitchen. When kids are able to cook for themselves, they learn a life long skill. Real food starts at home, and with your own ingredients.

Giving kids the skills to begin to make their own food will instill confidence in them. They will also be more willing to try new foods when we give them the opportunity to be involved!

bringing kids in the kitchen | colorful cooking for kids recipe lessons

Green oatmeal mini muffins

It all starts with the recipe. What colorful food will we make together? In lesson one we’re taking spinach and making green oatmeal mini muffins!

We love these because….

  • muffins are fun to eat
  • they’re naturally sweet – zero added sugar!
  • mini makes them perfectly kid sized
  • green is a fun color
  • naturally gluten free
  • so easy to make in the blender
green oatmeal mini muffins

What’s included in lesson one?

I created a 8 page PDF that you can download and print and use right along with your kids in the kitchen. Grab the PDF download by entering your name + email below and I’ll send it over right away!

Here is what’s inside the packet:

  • green oatmeal mini muffin recipe
  • tips for before you begin together
  • materials and ingredients needed
  • what kids learn
  • how to get kids involved
  • step by step during as you’re making the recipe
  • spinach facts
  • ways to continue the curiosity and learn more
  • a spinach coloring page

Spinach coloring page

This was my first time putting a coloring page together and it was so fun! Print as many as you need within the PDF.

spinach coloring page | colorful cooking for kids lesson one packet

I’ll be sharing the kids and I going through this lesson one packet on Instagram and will use the hashtag #colorfulcookingforkids – I’d love for you to use it so I can see you and your kiddos doing this right along side!

Grab the free Colorful Cooking For Kids lesson one and join in!

colorful cooking for kids lesson one green oatmeal mini muffins

Want to read more? Learn how to manage the chaos of cooking with kids.

Questions as you go through it together? Leave them in the comment below and I’ll answer them!



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