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healthy on $75: week 2 grocery haul breakdown + meal plan

by Heather


Weeks 2 and 3 were a bit off for me as far as grocery shopping and meals went.  Our vacation was in the middle of both weeks, so my shopping and eating will look a little different than normal for each week. I also didn’t have to cook a lot which made it different too.

What we ate


Friday: cheese (sharp cheddar and gouda), sausage and crusty bread plate (at home date night)


Saturday: greek lemon chicken and bean rice bowls


Sunday: burgers at the in-laws

Monday: BBQ chicken, bratwurst (extra from Friday), veggie salad left over from Saturdays chicken dinner, bbq’d broccoli, rice (also leftover), fresh fruit and unpictured (leftover) crusty bread {if I could eat this dinner every day I would!)


Tuesday: beef, cheddar and avocado burgers, salad with caesar dressing and freshly picked strawberries


Wednesday: spaghetti with beef sauce, asparagus and salad (vacation meal I didn’t cook)

Thursday: Hawaiian chicken thighs, cabbage coleslaw, grilled cauliflower and rice (vacation meal I was in charge of for 12 adults and 4 toddlers)

Breakfasts were the same mix as before: banana custard oats with peanut butter, scrambled eggs + toast, blueberry yogurt pancakes and french toast with applesauce. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Lunches: tuna sandwiches, leftover rice bowls, deli sandwiches provided by my parents on vacation, lots of fruit always

Grocery haul breakdown

Again, lots of little extra trips… let’s see how I did.

In addition to the visual of what I purchased, I’ve included a picture of the receipt to show prices.  There is also an explanation of what I picked up on sale and used a coupon with and any other notes.

Natural Grocers


Organic whole milk
3 dozen cage free eggs
Bratwurst (on sale)
Extra sharp cheddar
Sunflower seed butter
Natural cane sugar


Major savings from a living social I bought.  I spent $7.50 and got $25 to spend.  But, I didn’t need the sunflower seed butter.  That was a total extra.

Natural Grocer’s total: $18.55

Chuck’s Produce


Ripe banana (discounted)
Orange bell pepper
Onion (on sale)
Grape tomatoes (on sale)


Chuck’s total: $11.92



Disposable diapers for Hunter + Zoe for travels (coupons used)
Disposable wipes (coupons used)
Toilet paper
Coffee (clearance + coupon)
Foaming hand soap
Contact solution (coupon used)
Bag of avocados (coupon used)
Strawberries (coupon used)
Mint Oreos (I was promptly ignored when I told Jacob “it’s not in the budget”…)


Target’s total: 38.84

Philbrook Farms U-pick strawberries $1.45/lb


U-pick total: $11

Fred Meyer


Sharp cheddar cheese
Natural cane sugar (picked up for jam making)
Fred meyer’s total: $5.25

Oroweat outlet


2 loaves of white bread for Jacob
1 loaf of whole grain bread for Hunter/I
Whole wheat hamburger buns


Oroweat’s total: $4.40

Unpictured travel snacks the hubs picked up: water and chips

Total: $7

Unpictured trip to a market on vacation: brown and white rice, a lemon and half n half (organic)

Total: $10

Grand total for 8 places: 106.96

This is how my spending is when I don’t pay attention and plan well along the way.  Had I not gone strawberry picking and we hadn’t done extra vacation food spending, I would have been on target.  I really wanted to make jam though.  The  disposable diapers were an extra expense I don’t normally have.

I plan to balance this extra spending with staying under my budget the next couple of weeks of being back home and in a normal routine.

Still, I feel like there was savings, and here’s how I made that happen.

The living social deal I picked up saved me nearly 75%. Natural Grocers is a bit more spendy, but I actually ended up saving money by using the living social. I still have two more to use too!

Not cooking – I know this isn’t always an option for everyone (or myself), but with the vacation meals split and a get together I ended up not having to cook which meant less food to purchase.

I also brought organic chicken that I had purchased at home for a great deal, pulled from the freezer. Feeding 12 adults can be spendy, but I was able to keep the meal affordable by using up the last or my freezer chicken, using inexpensive veggies and bulking it up with rice. The teriyaki sauce I used was gifted from our neighbors, so I already had that on hand too.

I used lots of coupons at target saving me over $16.  Read how I coupon HERE.

My freezer supply of meat is dwindling, but as you’ll see over the next couple weeks, I’m already working on getting a small amount back in there.  And in a way that doens’t blow my entire food budget.

What’s one item you happily splurge on?  Nut butters are always a favorite of mine.  We like good beer too.


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