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fit mama real food radio episode 46: let’s talk about sugar

by Heather

Let’s talk about sugar in episode 46 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio!  Listen in and hear about all the excess sugar in our lives and the lives of our children, natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, how sugar affects our taste buds and what it does in the body.  

Let's talk about sugar

Fit Mama Real Food Radio is a weekly podcast where I’ll be sharing insights, education and inspiration focused on living a happy and healthy life.  I’ll be chatting about food, fitness, motherhood and mindset.

Let's talk about sugar

Let’s talk about sugar

In episode 46 we talk about something sweet – sugar!  This conversation was spurred by the large amount of sweets that seem to always be offered to my children.  Personally it drives me bonkers!  Maybe you relate, or maybe you don’t!  No matter what, I hope you learn something new from this episode.

Topics covered:

  • Recommended limits for added sugar
  • What is added sugar
  • Are natural sweetener better?
  • What does sugar do in the body?
  • Artificial sweeteners

Links from the episode:

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Where do you stand on the sugar front?  Do you see it as an issues or just something to be smart about with your consumption?


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