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The 200 sit up challenge… are you in?

by Heather

My mother in law + friends just did the 100 push up challenge, now they’re taking on the 200 sit up challenge.  Guess what????   I’m going to join in!

Never heard of the 200 sit up challenge?


It’s a 6 week program that has you completing rounds of sit ups 3 times a week, on non-consecutive days.  At the end you should have gained enough core strength to complete 200 sit ups. 

I’ve done it before and got to the 200 sit ups with my auties, now I’m ready to do it again!

Want to join in?  We’re going to start on Monday August 8th, but before then you’ll have to complete an initial sit up test to see which column you’re going to be in.

So go ahead, get to your sit ups! 

Here’s a little breakdown of the column you’ll follow for week 1 (there are 3 depending on how many you complete).

  • If you managed 10 or less sit-ups in the test, follow column 1.
  • If you completed between 11 and 20 sit-ups, column 2 is for you.
  • Between 21 and 30 consecutive sit-ups? Impressive! column 3 is what you’re looking for.
  • More than 30 sit-ups? The program says to start on week 3, but I say go for column 3 so we can all stick together and cheer each other on.

Here’s to stronger core muscles!

I’ll be back later with some of this…

… plus I’ll share how many sit ups I did!

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chloe @ 321delish August 4, 2011 - 5:14 am

I totally need to get my sit-up on! I’m in!

Get Healthy with Heather August 4, 2011 - 5:17 am

Yay! Spread the word, brings others in too 🙂

Amy B @ Second City Randomness August 4, 2011 - 5:21 am

Good luck! I’ve done the 100 pushup challenge before- or something similar. It’s good stuff!

Lauren @ What Lauren Likes August 4, 2011 - 5:29 am

what a cool challange! hahaha nothing like a stronger core! good luck 🙂

Allie August 4, 2011 - 7:12 am

Awesome challenge! I would like to give it a try 🙂

Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups August 4, 2011 - 10:36 am

Looks like a delicious salad!

Isabelle August 4, 2011 - 8:20 pm

I’ll see if I can give this a go!

Get Healthy with Heather August 5, 2011 - 3:39 am


Nicole August 5, 2011 - 8:48 am

I started the 100 push up challenge a couple of years ago and they hurt my arm…oops 🙂 This sounds like fun though!

Get Healthy with Heather August 6, 2011 - 5:10 am

Oh no! You won’t hurt them with the sit ups 🙂


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