It’s been almost 6 weeks now since we started using cloth diapers (yes, Hunter is 6 weeks old today!).

Time for an update dontcha think?

So far I absolutely love them! Hunter started out wearing newborn sized cloth diapers around day 3 or 4, once we ran out of disposables from the hospital. The one size fits all were too big or him when he was first born (which I had predicted!), so I’m really glad I invested in the smaller sizes diapers.

What diapers are we using now?

Mostly Workhorse fitted cloth diapers and Thirstiest covers. I have 21 of the fitted diapers and 2 covers I alternate between.

I also have 3 newborn BumGenius all in ones diapers, and 2 Mabu Baby hybrid style diapers with extra inserts.

My favorite ones to use are the Workhorse fitted diapers. They are the most absorbent of the newborn diapers and keep blow outs to a minimum. I’m actually surprised how much I like them. I thought I would find it annoying having to put the diaper on, and then the cover, but it’s not an issue at all.

I’ve had problems with both the newborn all in ones and hybrids leaking even when he just pees, and there’s been a major blow out in the all in one (when he was in the moby carrrier… ewwww).

Just this past week he began fitting in the one size fits all BumGenium all in ones (pictured above) and I have to say, I looooovvveee them.  I mainly use them for overnight since they absorb super well, he’s had no blow outs in them (oooooh it’s been tested!) and since it’s a stay-dry type of material, I don’t think he feels as wet and uncomfortable as he probably does in the Workhorse fitted cloth diapers (which are made of cotton).

I still have two more styles of one size fits all diapers he doesn’t fit in yet (fuzzibuns and flip), but I’m sure he will soon. Both of those diapers say he should fit in them at 8 pounds, but he’s already 10 and his legs still aren’t chubby enough.   Again, I’m sooooo glad I invested in newborn sized cloth diapers!

Detergent for cloth diapers

Originally I purchased Kirkland Free and Clear to wash the cloth diapers in.  I was told it should work, but it definitely did not.  With cloth diapers you need a clean rinsing detergent, which means that no detergent stays left in the diapers.  That was not happening with the Kirkland brand, even with extra rinses.

How could I tell it wasn’t rinsing out?  Anytime the diapers got wet, there was a strong ammonia smell.  I needed to get rid of that so first I purchased some Rockin Green Funk Rock to get rid of the build up in the diapers (bye bye ammonia – it worked like a charm), then I ordered some Charlie’s Soap to use.

My cloth diapers have been clean, smelling great (which means no smell at all!) and I don’t have to worry about funky ammonia burning little Hunter’s booty. 

How I wash my cloth diapers

I have enough diapers that I can wash them every other day.  I could probably go 3 days sometimes, but I don’t really want the dirty diapers sitting that long soaking it all in.  Here are my steps that have worked perfectly since I got the new detergent:

Step 1 – All dirty diapers, covers and wipes (+ wet bag if I want to wash it too) go into our top loading washing machine.  Run one regular cycle, medium water level, with cold water.  Once or twice a week I add 1 tbsp of Funk Rock into this first step too.

Step 2 – Run one regular cycle, medium water level, with 1 tbsp Charlie’s Soap on hot, with a warm rinse.

Step 3 – Run a rinse and spin cycle on warm.

Step 4 – The cloth diapers, wipes and wet bag go into the dryer with a clean towel (to help them dry faster).  I run the load on high heat for 1.5-2 cycles (the cotton diapers take a long time to dry).  I put the covers and any all in one diapers on top of the dryer to dry faster, then once the dryer is finished I move them to the nursery and hang them over the crib to finish drying.

One more step I don’t do often is lay any stained diapers out in the sun.  However, this past weekend was super sunny so I tested it again and it really does work.  The sun naturally bleaches out yellow stains!

Cloth diapers rule

I’m so happy I decided to go the cloth diaper route.  It’s definitely not as challenging as I thought it might be (mainly the washing part).  Even though the newborn all in ones and hybrids didn’t really work out that well, I’m okay with it since I got all the all in ones (which are more spendy) for free from the store, so I didn’t lose out on anything.

I’m definitely looking forward to when Hunter fits into all of his diapers.  Gotta chunk those little legs up a little more first!

If you went the one sizes fits all cloth diaper route, how big was your baby when they fit into them? 

Want to read more about my original cloth diaper plan?  Check out the post!


9 thoughts on “adventures in cloth diapering”

  1. Good for you girl! I can honestly say I just couldn’t have done cloth diapers. I LOVE the concept…I’m just way too freaked out about cleaning poop haha. He looks so cute in them too!

    1. Haha maybe I’m not scared of the poop yet since it’s still all breastmilk… we’ll see what it’s like when he starts eating solids!

  2. We are using GroVia all-in-ones. I really like them, but then again I really don’t have anything to compare them too since it’s the only thing we’ve used. We did use disposables until he was probably 8-10 weeks old. I might have to try that Green Funk stuff to get the smell out.

  3. thanks for posting this! we have a bunch of bummis prefolds and a few AIO’s but our little girl is so tiny she doesnt fit in any of them- going to order a some workhorse and a few covers today!

    1. Yes 4 years in I’m still using Charlie’s soap for the regular diaper washing with great results!

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