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Last night I made my ‘official’ return to teaching. First class back? Cycle!

It felt soooo good to get back on the bike and sweat like crazy again. Cycle is definitely one of my favorite forms of cardio, and I know it’s going to help me with my post baby body plan.


For a minute I worried that I would have forgotten how to teach… what do I say and do… all that kind stuff, but it came right back, like I never took time off.  Kinda like riding a bike, you don’t forget. 😉

The weather was super nice so it was a smaller class, but lots of my regulars gave me a warm welcome back.

So far I’m not too sore from it, but I bet I’ll feel it later today or tomorrow! I hope. :)


For the past couple weeks now, like I mentioned in our sleep situation post, I’ve been following the babywise schedule with Hunter – every 3 hours eat/wake/sleep. During the middle of the night feedings I spend my time reading, mainly keep myself awake.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with reading post after post on Chronicles of a Babywise Mom.  There is soooo much information on there!  Not only have I been reading the posts on napping, wake time, getting a consistent schedule… everything, but the reader comments, questions and answers have been so helpful.  It’s kind of comforting to read about other moms working to figure out a schedule for their babies and kiddos.  I love seeing what worked for them, because every child really is different.

I have yet to make a dent in all the posts on there, but luckily I’ll have many more nighttime feedings to weed through it all.

Do you find it helpful to read what other moms have done with their kids and sleep?  Any other great sites I should check out?

Have a wonderful Friday!



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