great {running} expectations

I had this great expectation with running. A couple actually.

First, I thought once I popped Hunter out I’d instantly feel light and running would be a breeze again.


Second, I figured since I did well running with a jogging stroller, once I ran just by myself I’d feel light, fast and zoom on by.


Here’s a look at my run with the jogging stroller. I knocked out 4 miles in 38:04 with an average mile pace of 9:31. I felt challenged during the run, but also really enjoyed it. My mile splits (almost) all kept getting faster as I went along. I ran in the morning and the temp was around 70 degrees if I remember correctly.


Here’s a look at my run yesterday. No jogging stroller, just myself. I covered 3.56 miles in 37:26 with an average pace of 10:31. I ran in the afternoon almost 2 hours after eating lunch. The temp was 77 degrees.


The opposite of what I expected happen. The run was harder and slower! Granted I ran when it was hotter, I didn’t have water with me (although I stopped at a water fountain) and I ran in the afternoon with more food in my stomach.

The whole run felt so much more challenging, but not fun challenging. Sometimes when a run is tough I’ll notice I’m running much faster than I thought. That’s a reason for it to feel tough! This time I was just having a bad run. All I wanted to do was stop. I ended up walked a block, then told myself I could make it the last half mile home without stopping. Hardest half mile ever. All I wanted was to be done. When I finally made it, I was just drained. It was crazy!


Pushing past expectations

One thing yesterday’s run did was not discourage me. It made me want to work harder! The run really did suck, but working through a hard run makes the next one better.

I shouldn’t have expected it to come so easily. I know if you want something, you’ve got to put the effort in and work for it. I want to be a stronger runner, so I’m going to keep working at it.

Not giving in and stopping when it gets tough.

Not thinking it will come easy.

Not making excuses.

Time to work for what I want! Feel great running, challenge myself and become a stronger runner again.

How do you push past your own expectations and challenges? Fitness relates or not.


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