Since Jacob started his new job I’ve been having to pack more food for him. Before it was normally just lunch, but now he’s gone a lot more throughout the day so he needs more food to take along. And with no access to a fridge or microwave throughout the day that means his food needs to be pretty shelf stable, or at least nothing that needs to be reheated. I can easily send along an ice pack with his food.

I’ve been picking up z-bars from Costco for him, which are pretty good as far as ingredients, but definitely more than I like. Plus bars are more spendy than making something yourself.

Upping the amount of real food in our house meant I needed to put a little something together for him to snack on. He loves trail mix, so instead of buying some I made my own!

Trail mix is so easy, just add nuts, dried fruit and some type of sweet (to entice the husband) and you’ve got an energy packed snack.

Here are the ratios I used


Happy Husband Trail Mix

  • 4 parts roasted unsalted mixed nuts
  • 2 parts dry roasted and unsalted nuts or seeds (peanuts)
  • 2 parts sweets (dark chocolate chips)
  • 1 part dried fruit (raisins)

Why both roasted and dry roasted? Well I know he likes the regular trail mix you get from a store, but I prefer to buy raw or dry roasted nuts, which have less oil added to them. To get the semi-oiled taste I combined both together, and he doesn’t even know. Slowly I’ll change the ratio until it is all eventually raw or dry roasted nuts/seeds.

Place in a baggie and it’s ready to go!


I love snacks and definitely snack all day long. Even pre-pregnancy I was a snacker, so when NatureBox wanted to send me a box of their snacks to try out, you know I was a-okay with that!


The loot I received as part of their April snack box was this:

5 different individually packaged snacks


The dried pears were gone in an instant on our weekend away. The smoky pumpkin seeds have been tossed on salads. Both the dried currants and fruit/nut mix have gone on oats and eaten by hand. The one thing I have yet to try are the peppery pistachios, but can you really go wrong with pistachios? Didn’t think so.

The Giveaway

NatureBox wants to send one lucky Fit Mama Real Food their own snack box. The goodies will be different, since it will be their May box, but not knowing what you’ll get in there is half the fun! I just hope you get the dried pears. To-die-for.


This giveaway is closed.

There are many ways to enter. Leave a comment for each entry.

  1. Tell me when you typically snack and your favorite go-to snacks
  2. Like Fit Mama Real Food on Facebook
  3. Follow Fit Mama Real Food and NatureBox on Twitter and tweet the following: “I love snacks and entered to win a @naturebox from @FitMamaRealFood Go enter too! #giveaway #fitblog”
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This giveaway is open to US residents.

The giveaway will be open until Tuesday May 8th. The winner will be chosen randomly, which means the more entries you have the more of a chance to win!

Have a great Wednesday all. I taught pump it this morning then body pump later tonight. It will definitely be a snacky day!


0 thoughts on “happy husband trail mix + naturebox giveaway”

  1. I love to snack!! I usually snack in the morning and afternoon. Usually a piece of fruit and some sort of fat/protein, raw nuts, larabar (homemade or bought), Ezekiel toast with nut butter, etc.

  2. I pack Josh a mega lunch every day too 🙂 Trail mix is a good idea- I need to start doing that. My go to snack is chobani or apple and nut butter (or carrots and nut butter)

  3. Since breakfast is at 6:00 I am ready for a snack by 10:00. Then I will snack again when I get home from work at 4:00. I can easily oversnack at this time so I try to find something a little more filling – recently it has been Clif bars, homemade granola with soy milk or a banana smoothie.

  4. I snack all day, especially now that I’m expecting. I love greek yogurt and fruit. Or almond butter and an apple – might have to have that soon!

  5. I usually snack around 10ish and around 4ish…I love trail mix but it can be dangerous because I could easily eat the whole bag!

  6. That trail mix looks wonderful. I wish that Nature Box mailed to Canada like Healthy Surprise does… I would like to try them out. Too bad… but nice for your potential winner, and You! 🙂

  7. My typically snack time is about 10:30 a few hours after dinner, but a couple hours before my lunch break! It gets me through the workday if I snack! I love an apple with peanut butter or a protein bars easy. Some yogurt and fruit. Fortunately we have a fridge and microwave here so my options are limitless! 🙂

  8. i typically snack mid morning and late afternoon and I usually snack on apples or oranges (if in season) or almonds.

  9. I snack after lunch-before dinner, and a couple hours after dinner I always have apple slices with natural peanut butter with honey. So good, I look forward to it every night! haha. I also always have dark chocolate, dry roasted salted almonds (I prefer dry roasted too!), and various Justin’s nut butter packets on hand for on the go snacks.

  10. I’m a big snacker! I snack about 3 times a day! I like to get in a serving of fruits or vegs and a protein or fat with every snack!

  11. I like apples, bananas and any kind of fruit. I’m making my own trail mix too. I add dates instead of chocolate because I love how sweet they are.

  12. Sometimes I’ll have a snack in the afternoon – usually raw veggies and hummus, popcorn, or a couple of handfuls of trail mix. I almost always have cereal & milk for a late night snack.

  13. I snack in between meals… I have to gain some weight for basic training, so I eat quite a bit! I have so many favorite snacks, It’s something different each time, but trail mix sounds good right now!

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