Every single day something new changes with Hunter.


I love waiting to see what he’ll do next or how he’ll react to something like his vibrating bouncer chair. He was unhappy getting put in it while awake, but if asleep he’s a happy camper.

Love how his lips pursed out with the vibrations.

My milk came in on the fourth night, which is helping him sleep in longer stretches. During the day he’ll nap for a solid 3 hours. At night? Still lucky if I get 30 minutes out of him.

It’s kind of a bummer that he isn’t sleeping very well in the pack n play set up in our bedroom. But after he ate I got him to sleep for 30 minutes in there before waking up. 30 minutes is a huge win… the winning number before that was 3.

He got his first bath on the fourth day. Typically they bathe babies shortly after being born in the hospital, but I didn’t want him bathed right then. It was supposed to be postponed until the next day, then it never happened and we were home so Jacob and I tag teamed his first bath.

Of course he cried. His cries are so cute though it kinda made it worth it. 🙂

He’s now in cloth diapers. The tar poop is just about all gone now and we used all the disposable diapers the hospital gave us, so we really had to make the switch or go to the store.


In one of my less smart decisions I decided to make the switch at night instead of the day time. I put him in a newborn all in one diaper, which he was NOT happy about, so I ended up changing him back into a disposable for the night. Since we’re out of disposables, for his first morning change he went into a fitted cloth diapers + cover. The fitted diapers are so much softer than the all in ones (it’s much stiffer). So far he hasn’t been fighting them which is a huge plus.

Today he has an appointment just to make sure everything is still going good with him and his weight loss is still in a good range.

And I’m hoping the nighttime sleep gets better soon. I was hopeful the cluster feeding would stop with my milk coming in but it didn’t. What gives?!

Is there a certain time when babies begin to sleep a bit better at night?


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  1. First of all, congratulations! Hunter is adorable! Now that your milk is in the night sleep should get better but the first few weeks are always a bit erratic until a routine develops. Rest during the day when he does also so that you get too tired. Its tough when you are not getting much sleep at night. Best of luck. And they eventually do sleep but then they become teenagers and you are awake for different reasons! Ha ha.

  2. Awww, he’s so sweet!!!!! So excited for you!

    As far as the sleeping goes, I’m not a mama myself (so I’m definitely not an ‘expert’, but I figured I’d share what I have learned)…I teach a class of infants/young toddler’s at the school I work at. What I’ve learned from dealing with their nap schedules/talking with all the mamas is that every single baby is different and seems to develop a more typical sleep schedule gradually. Some sleep through good chunks of the night after one or two months or so, while some take longer. He’ll get there eventually 🙂

    Congrats again!!!!

  3. It really depends on the baby. In our case, my milk came in on the 4th day as well and my baby wasn’t getting enough food, resulting in TERRIBLE sleep. We had to supplement with formula for a while, which helped out a lot. I think at about 6 weeks he started sleeping 4-5 hour stretches and at 2 months he was sleeping 7-8 hours. Since he’s 5 months old, he’s regressed and we’re up 2-7 times a night (varies greatly). He’s now 7 months old.

    Some parents are luckier than others. Eventually though, you’ll find a groove. Those first 3 weeks are the hardest, but you’ll get through it. Just survive and take things easy for now. Good luck!

  4. Oh, he is SO cute!! I’m still waiting for good night sleep and Luke is 5 1/2 months. Ugh! Every baby is different so there’s no predicting. If he’s taking 3 hr. naps, though, it sounds like he might have his days and nights confused. It should help if he gets those straightened out. I hope all goes well at your appointment.

  5. You sound like such a good mom already, I could never get my babies to sleep well as newborns, no matter what I did! But no matter what as a mother we get used to it and it’s amazing how we learn to function even without sleep :).

  6. Im about to have my first but my best friend is going through the newborn stage now. Her baby is ~7 weeks and she said her baby started sleeping 4+ hours at a time (during the night) between weeks 5-6! I hope it gets better soon for you! Hang in there!

  7. Glad the milk is in!! All babies are so different. Kay slept two hour increments at night from the start. Around six weeks she pushed to three or four.

  8. He’s beautiful! What a sweet tiny person. I’m so sorry he doesn’t sleep very long. You might try sleeping with him on your chest, skin to skin. My baby loved sleeping like that. The first 4 hour stretch was a result of my boob as a pillow! They really miss the constant cuddling that the womb provided so sleeping together is second best. Looks like he loves swaddling!

      1. Let me know how it goes. It will get better! I had a crier, so the recipe for nodding off involved dim lights, rocking, nursing in bed and then slowly leaning back as the baby goes to sleep (so as not to burst his bubble). If he starts to wake up just jiggle him a little and shush. I shushed til my lips hurt, but it worked. Hope you find your magic solution.

  9. I call the first two weeks ‘survival mode’. All you need to do is make sure you both are fed, kept semi clean, and sleep whenever you can, even if it’s for ten minutes in the middle of the day! Don’t worry about keeping the house clean, just survive! 🙂 Adjusting to your new life takes time, but enjoy it! It’s such an amazing gift!

    I used the Babywise system with Sophia. It’s a book by Gary Ezzo that helps you sleep train your baby from birth. Sophia was sleeping 8 hours a night at 6 weeks, and 12 by 10 weeks and we’ve never looked back. It was wonderful for us, but some people don’t like it. Just do whatever you feel is best for Hunter. Even if it doesn’t seem like it now, eventually he will sleep! Figuring out what works for your family can get overwhelming sometimes, but as long as you provide for his basic needs and smother him in love, that’s all he needs at this point. Congrats and enjoy!

    1. It’s crazy how just 10 minutes helps! I’m getting baby wise from the library soon. Had another friend tell me about it too. That’s just crazy how long Sophia stays sleeping!

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