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7 days of green smoothies

by Heather

If you follow me on instragram you might have seen my #7daysofgreensmoothies I shared a little while back.  Well in honor of the first day of spring today (!!) I’m sharing all the green smoothies I made for those 7 days.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 7.19.03 AM

My original plan was to make 7 different smoothies for 7 consecutive days, but a couple days into it I wanted one and the kids were napping and there was just no way I was going to risk a loud blender running when it could wake up sleeping children.  So then I decided to make smoothies when it was convenient… when the kids were awake.  Here are 7 different smoothie combos I shared on IG – but now you can see them all together and more easily find different combos to try.  I’ve listed the ingredients, not so much recipes.  I usually wing it when making smoothies and taste/adjust as I go.  If you are looking for specific measurements, check out the end of the post where I link up to a few other green smoothie recipes I have.  Happy spring and smoothie making!

Spinach + banana + frozen strawberries + plain yogurt + ice


Frozen marionberry + spinach + banana + plain yogurt + water + vanilla extract + ice


Spinach + avocado + banana + natural peanut butter + plain yogurt + vanilla extract + water + ice


Spinach + banana + natural peanut butter + cocoa powder + plain yogurt + vanilla extract + ice


Pear + spinach + almond butter + milk + cinnamon + ice


Kale + spinach + swiss chard + pear + banana + almond butter + milk + ice


Kale + pear + sunflower seeds + almond butter + milk + ice + maple butter nut granola

IMG_5036If you are looking for recipes with measurements, check out these three green smoothie recipes.  All are delicious!

What are your favorite greens to add to smoothies?  I love spinach most, then swiss chard and kale. 


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Erica March 20, 2015 - 3:44 pm

They all sound awesome!!!


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