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choose a focus word for the new year

by Heather


The new year is right around the corner and lately I’ve been hearing a ton about resolutions, new beginnings and challenges people are looking to take on.  What about you, is it surrounding you too?  Are you getting excited for new challenges and goals?

For me, I don’t really jive with resolutions.  I am of the mind set that if I want to do something, I’m just going to start it when it becomes important in my mind.  Maybe you’re the same way, or maybe you thrive with goals to meet.

how to choose a focus word for the year

Whether you are into it or not, I have a new idea to throw out to you: choose a focus word for the year.

Focus Word for the Year

What is a focus word?  It is a word (or phrase) that you want your year to be about.  When you’re faced with decision throughout the year, your focus word will guide you.  When you look back on your year, the feel of the word/phrase shines through.

I’ve asked a few people around me think about what their focus word would be.  I had them share the word that popped into their mind first – what their heart was telling them.  Happier was shared a couple times along with more.  It’s so interesting to hear what other people’s focus words would be!

My focus word for 2017 is less.

Less seems so negative to me, because I am naturally drawn to more.  Doing more.  Being more.  Less is not a word I sought out, but my mind kept picturing it, and my heart kept sharing it.

Less to me means less running around and having time filled, less clutter and objects, and also saying no more to things.  Less of that so I can really do more of what is super important to me: connected with my people.


I’m excited to see how my focus word guides me throughout the next year!

Does a particular word or phrase stand out to you as you go into the new year?  Please share!

Cheers and happy new year!


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