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Colorful Cooking For Kids: Lesson Two Chicken Pumpkin Meatballs

by Heather

I’m excited to share lesson two in Colorful Cooking For Kids with you all today! In this new recipe lesson we’re making chicken pumpkin meatballs and learning all about the orange fruit – pumpkins! Yes, pumpkin is technically a fruit, one fun fact I learned in my research.

Colorful cooking for kids - lesson two pumpkin

Looking for lesson one? Find the green oatmeal muffin recipe lesson here.

Cooking with kids

Cooking together starts with the recipe. What colorful food will we make together? In lesson two we’re taking canned pumpkin + other pantry items and turning it into chicken pumpkin meatballs!

We love these because….

  • finger food is fun
  • made with pantry ingredients
  • kid sized and kid friendly
  • a unique use for canned pumpkin
  • naturally gluten free
  • so easy to make and fun to roll
Chicken Pumpkin Meatballs

Chicken pumpkin meatballs

I wanted to share a recipe that used a lot of pantry items, making it accessible all year round. We’re taking canned pumpkin, canned salmon, almond flour + eggs and seasoning and turning them into a protein packed lunch option. The meatballs are super simple to mix together, easily bake in the oven leaving you with clean up time, and of course, are delicious!

What’s included in lesson two?

I created an 8 page PDF that you can download and print and use right along with your kids in the kitchen. Grab the PDF download by entering your name + email below and I’ll send it over right away!

Here is what’s inside the packet:

  • chicken pumpkin meatball recipe
  • tips for before you begin cooking together
  • materials and ingredients needed
  • list of what kids learn
  • how to get kids involved in the kitchen
  • step by step tips as you’re making the recipe
  • pumpkin facts
  • ways to continue the curiosity and learn more
  • a fruit and vegetable coloring page

Fruit and vegetable coloring page

I love this fruit and vegetable coloring page, filled with pumpkin, tomato, eggplant, peas, carrots, garlic and kale because it’s a conversation starter. Kids can build curiosity around the fruits and vegetables they are coloring. Use it as a starting point to talk about the different fruit and vegetables, and maybe playing a game guessing which are fruits, and which are vegetables.

Colorful cooking for kids fruit and vegetable coloring page

I’ll be sharing the kids and I going through this lesson two packet on Instagram and will use the hashtag #colorfulcookingforkids – I’d love for you to use it so I can see you and your kiddos doing this right along side!

Grab the free Colorful Cooking For Kids lesson two and join in!

colorful cooking with kids recipe lesson - chicken pumpkin meatballs

Questions as you go through it together? Leave them in the comment below and I’ll answer them!



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