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Day 1: Sun Salutations, Green Smoothie and Gratitude – 7 Day Mind Body Yoga Reset

by Heather

Day 1 of the 7 Day Mind Body Yoga Reset it here!!! Today I’m sharing a 7 minute sun salutation workout video, a healthy green smoothie recipe and your mindfulness exercise. Care for your body + soul. Let’s dive in!

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Day 1 #7DayMindBodyYoga

Want the day 1 quick view? Here you go! Keep scrolling down this post for more on each item.

Welcome to day 1!

Ahhhh I’m so excited for this day. First off all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are currently soaking in all the special family time as the kids are off from school, and my husband is on vacation from work. I am LOVING it.

I’m out of my routine because life shifts a bit on vacation. However, I know I want to move at least a little. This is just the perfect timing for my 7 minute workout series to launch! For you and for me. 🙂

Day 1 of the 7 Day Mind Body Yoga

Here are the deets for Day 1 of the 7 Day Mind Body Yoga Reset! Below I’m sharing a quick 7 minute sun salutation workout, a healthy real food recipe to try and a mindfulness practice to incorporate.

If you’re participating and share on social media be sure to use the hashtag #7DayMindBodyYoga and tag me @fitmamarealfood so I can see you doing this!

7 Minutes of Yoga

Hatha yoga is the balance of the sun and moon energy that lies in all of us. The 7 minutes of movement today are a series of sun salutations. Curious what a sun salutation is? It’s a series of yoga poses performed in a flow to build heat in the body. I use sun salutations in almost every yoga workout video I share because it does just that, builds heat and prepares your body for more movement. We also connect our movements with our breath and thus become more connect to our bodies. Enjoy this 7 minute sun salutation yoga practice!

Follow along below or find the video HERE.

Healthy Real Food Recipe

I thought long and deep about the first healthy real food recipe I wanted to share with you, and I kept coming back to greens. Greens are AMAZING for the body, are energizing and don’t require cooking (unless you want to) to enjoy. They make healthy eating SIMPLE.

Almond Pear Green Smoothie Recipe

Here’s your healthy, real food recipe to try – almond pear green smoothie

If you’re new to the green smoothie train, hop on board! You’re going to love it. Green smoothies are an easy way to incorporate green leafy vegetables into your diet because making a green smoothie comes together quickly, and they’re made super tasty with our fruits we incorporate.

Here’s what you’ll need for your almond pear green smoothie:

  • milk of choice (I love using canned coconut milk or almond milk)
  • frozen pear (but you can totally use fresh)
  • almond butter
  • fresh spinach
  • cinnamon
  • sea salt
  • ice

Head to the full recipe and make your almond pear green smoothie!

Mindfullness exercise

It would be a shame for me to not start with my absolute favorite mindfulness practice on day 1. It’s been pivotal in creating a more positive mindset, and it’s such a simple but powerful practice to have.

Here is your day 1 mindfulness exercise: write down 3 things that you are grateful for.

While our daily mindfulness exercises will change, I’m going to ask you to maintain this one throughout our 7 days together. Can you try it out?

Day 1 7 day mind body yoga reset #7daymindbodyyoga

Share your success

I would love to know how day 1 went for you! Remember, use the hashtag #7DayMindBodyYoga and tag me @fitmamarealfood when you share on social media! I’m rooting and cheering for you as we start this new year.

Leave a comment below and share your day 1 success.

Here’s to building healthy (delicious) habits!



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