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dear zoe {year two}

by Heather

Dear Zoe,

Yesterday you turned two.  HOW are you two already now?


We spent the morning at your two year check up (sorry for the shot).  You were incredibly snuggly and shy and I loved holding you and keeping you safe and close.  You are also growing so well!  75% percentile for weight and height – you are a great eater and growing up to be a strong girl.


We went to a coffee shop after for a steamed milk treat.  You loved it, of course.


Your uncle Trevor spent some time with us, we ate lunch, you went down for a nap and after nap you and Hunter watched a movie together before our friends came over.  Gosh, you love spending time with your friends.  You get so excited and run around in circles when they show up. But you also slow down and share your favorite things with your friends too.  You are the sweetest.

I got to put you to bed last night (normally your daddy does).  I sang you a few songs while we snuggled in the chair (you always want to start with Jesus loves me), you rested your head on my shoulder while squeezing your taggie and 2 stuffed animals, then I kissed you, laid you in your bed and said goodnight to my two year old girl.


I spent some time reading through your birth story, and just as I thought, I forgot nothing about it.  Your entrance into the world will forever be in my mind.  It was such a spectacular day.  You have added so much to our family and I cannot imagine not having you around.


You are such a little daredevil and are constantly adding new scrapes and bumps to your body.  I think it’s because you see all the things your big brother does and you want to do them too, but I also think you are just a go-getter and want to try everything for yourself.  You also want to do everything by yourself.  Sometimes I can trick you into us doing things together (like buckling your car seat) but for the most part you want to be in charge of doing everything.

I don’t know where this came from, but you are really into telling us (and even strangers who are near you) “don’t touch me”.  I won’t lie, sometimes it’s challenging when you tell me not to touch you then you get hurt falling off of a chair or something, but I also appreciate your ability to vocalize what you want.  You are an independent, strong-willed little girl.


And speaking of vocalizing, you have so many words to share!  You are a little chatter box and while I know what you are saying about 80-90% of the time, sometimes at meal, especially when daddy is home, you just love chattering away about whatever is on your mind.  It is the cutest listening to your voice.


I love that you are a snuggly one when you wake up from your nap and before going to bed.  Normally you just want to be doing things, but those moments when we can slow down, snuggle real close and you want to give all the hugs and kisses makes me so happy.  You are gentle, kind and so great at sharing.  Hunter is lucky to have you as a sister, this baby is blessed to have such a caring big sister and I know your daddy and I could not be more happy to have you with us.  We love you so much.  I wish I could spend an entire day just snuggling you, and reading you book after book and giving kisses all day long.  But I know you’d wiggle out, so I will settle for the nap time and bedtime snuggles that I love so much.

Zoe, you are so so loved.


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